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Near Chistiya Police Chowki, N-6, Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431003



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Best Psychiatry Hospital in Aurangabad

The Psychiatry Department of Medicover Hospital in Aurangabad is best known for treating mental diseases and psychological disorders. Our life' pulls, pressures, stressful job situations, and overall pattern of contemporary living have made us more vulnerable and in danger of mental diseases than ever before. At Medicover Hospitals, we understand and empathize with all those who suffer in silence and encourage everyone to speak up, seek help, and find a cure. Our Department of Psychiatry at Medicover Hospitals provides outpatient and inpatient care to people with mental issues.

Our Aurangabad psychiatric hospital is well-equipped with amenities like an EEG laboratory, yoga and relaxation services, a biofeedback laboratory, EMG, etc. Our experts in the Department of Psychiatry at Medicover Hospitals provide patients with high-quality mental health treatment. In addition, the department provides clinical psychology services such as disability evaluation, IQ testing, and so on. Our best psychiatric hospital in Aurangabad treats various mental disorders, including schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, dissociative disorders, seizure disorders, sleep disorders, bipolar disorders, and other disorders.

Our department provides in-patient and outpatient psychiatric treatment to people in need. The inpatient psychiatric unit is well-equipped with cutting-edge amenities for those suffering from various mental diseases. Our department has modified electroconvulsive treatment, a counseling room, a 24 *7 Intensivist on call, and a 24*7 ambulance service. The patient receives adequate guidance and treatment from senior consultants at every level in the outpatient facility.

Procedures and Treatment Options available


  • Single room
  • Twin room
  • ICU
  • CVTS ICU (5 Bedded) 24*7 Intensivist on duty
  • 24x7 cardiac ambulance


  • EEG
  • EMG
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