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Best Nephrology Hospital in Aurangabad

The nephrology department at Medicover Hospital is one of the best kidney hospitals in Aurangabad. We offer to treat many kidney-related diseases, such as chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, kidney stones, kidney cysts, and urinary tract infections. We have cutting-edge devices and technology to cope with complications that may emerge after a kidney transplant. The leading surgeons in our Nephrology department provide integrative therapies supported by modern infrastructure and methodologies.

We have a team of top Nephrologists in Aurangabad. They have vast experience diagnosing and treating kidney patients and supervising all aspects of treatment, including early intervention, dialysis assistance, transplant, and clinical research. Our Nephrologists use a multidisciplinary approach, working with specialists from different departments to develop a treatment plan that is unique to each patient.

We have modern healthcare diagnostic facilities such as kidney function tests, dialysis and CRRT machines, hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, renal ultrasonography, and so on. Our nephrology department provides a wide range of diagnostic services and treatments such as biopsy, catheter insertion, kidney transplantation, and so on. Our team is accessible 24/7 to meet the requirements of all patients.

Facilities in Nephrology Department

  • KT
  • Diabetic Kidney Diseases
  • CKD
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Nephrectomy
  • AKI

Technology And Equipment of Nephrology Department

Our department has 8-bedded Dialysis, SLEERD, and PlasmaPheresis Hemodialysis

Facilities in Nephrology Department

Every ICU has Dialysis facilities.

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