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Best Cardiology Hospital in Aurangabad

Medicover Hospitals in Aurangabad specialize in minimally invasive cardiac surgeries, leading the way in the region. With 24/7 available of cardiologists and surgeons, we provide comprehensive care for both outpatient and inpatient cardiology services. Our facilities boast advanced features including 128-slice CT, Laminar flow OT with 0% infection risk, and rapid Stroke Protocol scanning in just 4 minutes.

Cardiology Hospital, Aurangabad

At Medicover Hospital, a Cardiology Hospital in Aurangabad, stands as one of the best cardiac centers in the city, We offer international standards of cardiac care and treatment services across the Marathwada region. As a leading heart hospital in Aurangabad, we provide superior-quality outpatient, inpatient, and 24x7 emergency care for various heart conditions and disorders to patients of all ages.

Our team of cardiology doctors, vascular surgeons, and experts perform a variety of rare cardiac procedures and treatments to ensure quality outcomes. Our cardiologists in Aurangabad are well-trained and experienced, and our non-medical and paramedical staff will provide you with a compassionate patient care experience.

We are supported by a highly skilled and experienced critical care team, including ER-trained specialists, orthopaedics, a neurosurgeon, a chest physician, and intensivists, to manage emergencies and provide a holistic approach to overall health care.


  • Round-the-clock cardiac emergency services
  • Cardiac rehabilitation Programs
  • State-of-the-art
  • Echocardiography
  • Minimally Invasive Cardiac surgeries
  • Interventional, Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic services
  • 24/7 availability of trained cardiologists
  • Cardiothoracic CCUs with round-the-clock care
  • Post-operative healthcare
  • Paediatric Cardiology Unit
  • Rapid Action Team for Emergency Cardiac Care

Technology And Equipment

We are the first to have advanced tools and techniques for assisting the patients and giving the best treatment outcomes such as ECG, Echocardiography system, Coronary Angiogram, 16 Slice CT Coronary Angiogram, Colour Dopplers, Holter Monitor, Rotablation,Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS), Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), Electrophysiology, Radiofrequency Ablation and C-ARM X-ray machine, and Impella and LVAD yielding highly successful outcomes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the top heart hospital in Aurangabad?

Medicover Hospitals is the best cardiology hospital in Aurangabad. Leading healthcare and diagnostic services provider in the region with advanced facilities.


2. What types of heart problems can be treated at Medicover Hospital in Aurangabad?

At Medicover Hospitals in Aurangabad can treat a wide range of heart problems, including

  • heart attack
  • coronary artery disease
  • congenital heart defects
  • heart failure
  • arrhythmias
  • valve disorders, and
  • other minimally invasive cardiac surgeries.

3. What is the success rate of heart surgery in Aurangabad at Medicover Hospitals?

The best heart hospitals in Aurangabad at Medicover Hospital, boast a success rate of up to 90% for heart surgeries.

4. How can I schedule an appointment at the best cardiology hospital in Aurangabad?

You can easily schedule an appointment at Medicover Hospitals in Aurangabad. Visit our website or call us at 040-68334455. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding a convenient time to see one of our cardiologists.

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