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Dr Shahid Patel

Dr Shahid Patel

Consultant Pulmonologist
  • Experience: 8+ Years
  • Timings: Mon /Wed/Fri -
    9.30AM to 7PM
    Tue/Thu/Sat - 11.30AM to 7PM

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Pulmonologists in Navi Mumbai at Medicover Hospitals diagnose and treat diseases of the nose, throat, larynx, windpipe, lungs, and diaphragm. People of all age groups with a variety of respiratory and associated disorders will be diagnosed, treated, and cared for on a continuing basis. Pulmonologists work in collaboration of oncologists, immunologists, palliative care and intensivists.

Wheezy chest, shortness of breath, cough, allergy to dust, pollens, pets, mild spitting up blood, purulent phlegm, snoring with daily sleepiness, and daily fatigue, long-term smoker, chest pain while breathing, inhaled occupational exposure, tuberculosis contact, abnormal chest X-ray findings are symptoms that you should see our pulmonologists. The top pulmonologist in Navi Mumbai at Medicover Hospital perform tests to determine lung function, which can range from spirometry to exercise testing and indicate how well a patient's lungs are operating.

Pulmonologist treat acute bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pleural diseases, respiratory allergies, obstructive sleep apnoea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, occupational lung disease, infections of respiratory tract, TB, lung tumors and many more…

Once the respiratory disease has been diagnosed, the doctor will recommend a cost-saving and time-efficient treatment. At Medicover Hospitals, we understand our patients’ problems and offer state-of-the-art medical solutions so that they can breathe easy. Our pulmonologists at the pulmonology department take immense care of each patient. We firmly believe that patients should be provided with the best healthcare services that improve their quality of life, relieve them of any pains they are suffering, and provide them with recommendations to enhance their overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which hospital is best for pulmonology in Navi Mumbai?

Medicover Hospitals is the best hospital in Navi Mumbai for respiratory problems that effectively provides all kinds of treatments by skilled pulmonologists using cutting-edge technologies.

2. How do I choose a pulmonologist in Navi Mumbai?

You can search for your nearest pulmonologist and then filter them out based on years of experience and other factors. However, you can find the best pulmonologist in Navi Mumbai at Medicover Hospitals who provide successful outcomes.

3. Who is the best doctor for respiratory problems in Navi Mumbai?

Pulmonologists at Medicover Hospital are the best doctors for treatment of respiratory problems in Navi Mumbai.

4.Can bronchitis get treated by a pulmonologist?

Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial tube lining and bronchial tubes transport air to and from the lungs. Experienced pulmonologists can diagnose and treat bronchitis.