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Nephrologists in Kurnool at Medicover Hospital are considered as one of the best nephrologists. They treat a large number of patients every year suffering from diseases and disorders affecting kidney health adversely. The hospital has been progressively garnering the status of being the famous kidney hospital in Kurnool for its outstanding services in care and management from simple lifestyle changes for hypertension management to solid organ transplantations for kidney failure.

The nephrologists are able to precisely diagnose and stage debilitating kidney conditions, as well as effectively manage them, with the help of advanced diagnostic and investigative capabilities. In the case of mild to moderately severe kidney conditions, our best kidney care doctors fundamentally aim to slow the progression and take necessary measures to prevent recurrence and the need for undesired renal replacement therapy, including kidney transplant.

The dialysis unit in Kurnool is outfitted with cutting-edge dialysis equipment and a strict infection control policy aimed at addressing patient safety and comfort. Best nephrologists who are proficient in renal replacement therapies are available around the clock to provide haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for renal failure patients with superior resources while keeping the treatment plan affordable.

Nephrologists, in collaboration with urologists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons, have successfully performed both living and cadaver kidney transplantation surgeries, with meticulous pre-transplant evaluations and optimal clinical management protocols.