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The General Medicine department of Medicover Hospitals in Chandanagar is headed by experienced medical practitioners committed to supervising and understanding all aspects of the patient's general health care. Patients are also provided with illness-preventive techniques and treatment to help them lead healthy lifestyles.

Our general medicine department is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic devices and technology to ensure that our patients receive the best care. Our general physicians have interdisciplinary diagnosis knowledge to address the needs of patients with communicable and non-communicable diseases, such as mental health assessment, diabetes management, blood pressure and related conditions, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, and respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies, lung infection, cough, sinusitis, tuberculosis, and pneumococcal disease. The department's senior consultants have extensive knowledge to address the most complicated issues. The department also has sophisticated equipment such as ventilators, pulse oximeters, glucometers, etc.

Our general practitioners collaborate with a team of super specialists, including neurologists, cardiologists, orthopedists, nephrologists, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, gastroenterologists, urologists, critical care specialists, and intensivists. We at Medicover Hospitals aim to adopt collaborative and comprehensive treatment measures to return you to your daily life as soon as possible by providing adequate care for multisystem problems and undifferentiated infections using strict safety measures and an evidence-based approach with doctors available 24/7.