Dr AR Krishna Prasad


Dr A. R. Krishna Prasad

Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon
MS (Gen. Surgery), FRCS (Glasg.), FRCS (CTh), MD (Manch.)
    HITEC City

About Dr A. R. Krishna Prasad

He specializes in endarterectomies, long anastoman & coronary deroofing procedures for complex coronary artery lesions. He has conducted extensive research on the role of gut protection in inflammatory response after cardiac surgery and has numerous national & international publications to his credit. He has a record of performing surgeries quickly but at the same time with great quality, therefore avoiding complications to patients. After performing around 500 procedures in the UK, he started the cardiac surgical unit at Sunshine Heart Institute in March 2011, and so far has performed more than 5000 cardiac surgeries for various problems on a range of patients from babies to 80 years old.


  • Completed his MS. Gen. Surgery from Osmania Medical College.
  • Worked as specialist Registrar in CT Surgery in West Midlands, East Midlands & Yorkshire areas of the UK.


He was awarded MD for his research by the Manchester University in 2010.


  • Presented a case report of a Delayed presentation of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia at Association of Surgeons of India, Hyderabad chapter, Hyderabad, India.
  • Presented a case report of Endoscopy at Laparotomy as a guest lecturer at Association of Surgeons of India, AP chapter, Tirupathi, India.
      United Kingdom
  • Presented the following as part of SHO teaching
    • Cardiac cycle and applied physiology
    • Intra-operative myocardial protection
    • The mechanism in the genesis of arrhythmias
    • Isolated mitral valve cleft – a pathological study Prosthetic Heart Valves
    • ACE Inhibitors – role in cardiac surgery
    • Anatomy of heart valves
    • Surgery for LV failure
    • Management of Sepsis
    • Off-pump Vs On pump CABG
    • Artificial heart support devices
    • Cardiac Transplant