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Dr Rajesh Reddy Ch

Dr Rajesh Reddy Ch

Consultant Critical Care9 AM - 4 PM
  • Exp:9+ Yrs

Medicover Hospitals in Nellore is well-known for having the top Critical Care Doctors and Surgeons with extensive experience treating life-threatening ailments, traumas, and illnesses. Our critical care professionals diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of serious, complex diseases with the help of advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities.

Our doctors follow international healthcare standards while operating on patients in ICU. Our intensive care unit (ICU) in Nellore consists of a specially-trained health care team that provides 24-hour care, including medical machines to constantly monitor the patient's vital signs and giving specialized treatments.

We follow strict measures to avoid any infection that might risk our patients' health. Our Critical care doctors provide care for cardiovascular problems, kidney injury or kidney failure, cardiac arrhythmias, multiple or single organ failure, accidents, trauma, serious burns, surgery, stroke, hypertension, hypotension, airway or respiratory problems, etc.

Our sophisticated healthcare infrastructure allows us to treat patients successfully. We have an excellent ventilator support facility, a modern OT setup, a highly sophisticated ICU facility, CT scan machines, X-rays, defibrillators, 24/7 pharmacy, clinical laboratory, EMG machines, blood bank, multipara advanced monitors, echocardiography, mechanical CPR machine, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose Critical Care Specialists in Nellore?

To choose the best Critical Care Specialists in Nellore visit Medicover Hospitals. It has the best Critical Care Specialists in Nellore.

2. Who is the best doctor for Critical Care in Nellore?

Medicover Hospitals has the best doctor for Critical Care in Nellore. The team of Critical Care consists of expert doctors and surgeons who provide comprehensive treatment to critically ill patients.

3. Which is the best intensive care unit in Nellore?

Medicover hospitals is the best critical care hospital in Nellore that provides an excellent Intensive Care Unit with high-end technology and advanced equipment for catering to all the small needs of a critically ill patient.

4. What is a doctor called who specializes in critical care?

Critical care medicine specialists are also known as intensivists; these are doctors who specialize in the care of patients in critical care units (ICU).

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