CT Brain Test

A Computed Tomography(CT) scan gets thorough information about the brain tissues and brain structures. CT scan uses a series of X-ray images taken from different angles to produce a detailed image of the head and brain. We can also use other tests for brain-like MRI, but a CT scan is faster, painless, and non-invasive.

CT Brain Test Cost in India

Test Type Imaging Tests
Preparation If the patient is prescribed a CT with contrast then the patient should not eat anything 3 hours prior to the test. If the patient is ordered without a contrast then the patient can eat and drink anything.
Remove any metallic object or jewellery.
Inform your doctor about any implants.
Report Within a day
Cost of CT brain in Hyderabad Rs. 1499 to Rs. 2499 approximately.
Brain CT cost in Vizag Rs.2300 approximately.
CT brain cost in Nasik Rs. 3000 approximately
CT brain cost in Aurangabad Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500 approximately
CT brain test cost in Nellore Rs. 3000 approximately
CT brain test cost in Chandanagar Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4800 approximately
CT brain test cost in Srikakulam Rs. 3000 approximately.
CT brain test cost in Sangamner Rs. 3000 approximately
CT brain test cost in Kurnool Rs. 3000 approximately
CT brain test cost in Kakinada Rs. 3000 approximately

CT brain test costs in India at different locations may vary

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Findings of a brain CT

Brain CT scan can find conditions like a hemorrhage, necrosis of brain tissue, brain atrophy, or other status due to an injury or a brain disease.

For any abnormal finding, you must visit a doctor and get a complete diagnosis and treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The test shows the brain, its tissue, skull bone, and blood flow inside the brain.

It varies based on the study needed, and approximately it takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

No, but there are cases where the physician recommends the contrast injection based on the patient's history and the type of study needed through the exam.

The latest generation machines use just a fraction of the radiation dose of old appliances, which is much less harmful.

No need to do anything after CT scan. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the test is finished. In case your doctor used dye, you need to be watched for a while as this may cause itching, swelling, rash, or difficulty in breathing. You can consume water to get rid of dye from your body.

Pregnants should not have a CT brain examination. Pregnant women need to inform the technologist immediately.

CT scan never hurts. If dye is used, you may feel a sting or pinch when the IV stage is started. The dye makes you feel flushed and warm and give you a metallic taste. Some may feel sick or have headaches.

If your scan is without contrast, you can eat, drink, or do anything as prescribed medications. If, in contrast, you should not eat anything for 3 hours before your scan.

Need to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Anyway, you will change to a gown for this procedure. Metallic objects like jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, and hairpins will affect CT images.

It's always possible, and doctors do not always choose to use dye for brain CT scans.

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