Life changes inevitably as we get older-socially, physically, and mentally!

There comes a moment when one must start caring for their aged loved ones. When that time comes for the family, make sure the elders are treated with respect, love, and patience. To know their needs, talk to them and consult with the healthcare providers when they need help.

Take care of your loved one’s even if they struggle with simple chores such as eating, moving around the house, getting dressed, or maintaining their hygiene. Being aware of several methods for providing the finest care possible may be beneficial.

Care filled with love!

This year, on the World Senior Citizens Day 2022, let us aim to raise awareness about health issues related to the elderly. This day also recognizes the contributions made by senior citizens to society.

We must keep them active and moving not just for their good physical health but also for their emotional well-being. Let us make a small effort to cheer them up and keep their mental health balanced.

Covid-19 has drastically transformed older people's daily routines, care and support, and ability to stay socially connected. The elderly have faced the problems of spending more time at home and having less social interaction with friends and family members. There are also worries and fear of sickness. The necessity of the hour is to create a healthy atmosphere to help them overcome this.

How to keep their physical and mental health in check:

Covid-19 impacted all of us, but it affected our elderly the most by interfering with their usual walks and socialization outside the home, because they were the most vulnerable to infections. Below, we have provided some suggestions that can help the senior citizens to stay physically and mentally healthy.

1. Consultation:

Consult the doctor, before engaging in any physical exercises to make sure it is safe for seniors. Since so many adults may have limited mobility, they won't be able to perform activities that call for vigorous movements or extreme bends.

2. Precaution:

Make sure the ground is dry before senior citizens exercise there. You must make sure they are wearing the appropriate footwear for the activity and check for smooth and slippery surfaces. This can prevent them from fractures and falls.

3. Don’t overdo:

Stop exercising if it causes them to experience pain. Don't allow them to overdo the exercise. Check for pain because some elderly may be new to exercising and overdoing it at this age can result in injury. It is important to begin slowly and steadily.

4. At-home activities:

Walking around the home will also be effective. They can keep active by engaging in hobbies like knitting and painting as well as taking short walks inside the home.

5. Workout together:

Engage in physical activity and strength training with the children. As falls and fractures are common at this age, activities such as yoga, meditation and stretching can assist improve balance, flexibility, and overall general health. You might also walk with them every day while talking.

6. Song and dance:

Music is therapeutic. A little dancing and singing along with the seniors will surely prevent them from Cardiovascular diseases and make the moment also enjoyable. It will also inspire them to exercise their minds.

7. Gardening:

As gardening improves mobility and can give them a healthy dose of fresh air, encourage them to join you. Keep your loved ones active and moving by planting indoors.

Follow these ideas, so get set to make the going easier for the aged and celebrate World Senior Citizens Day with them.

Even the smallest gestures can make a big difference to their quality of life!

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