World Population Day 2022: Be Aware Of The Unhealthy Consequences Of Overpopulation

Global population is booming at an alarming rate!

Overpopulation worsens the quality of life and can affect numerous social and environmental elements. Malnutrition, pollution, overcrowded living conditions, and lack of health care facilities are all the results of over population which make the communities prone to infectious diseases.

Let’s spread awareness!

This year, the theme for World Population Day 2022, focuses on various issues related to overgrowing population and promotes necessary steps to curb the issue.

Overpopulation is the root cause of all other major human problems.

By 2050, India is expected to be the most populated country in the world. Most people are aware of the adverse environmental and social effects of overpopulation, but not its adverse health effects. What will the future hold for our country if this continues?

The rise in population has resulted in challenges such as urban overcrowding and environmental changes, which have resulted in the origination of numerous infectious diseases. Antimicrobial resistance has proven to be an unexpected challenge for infections.

Here's why you should focus on the population right now.

More population, more pollution!

Increased population has also contributed to ozone layer depletion. The atmosphere's ozone layer no longer shields humans from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which causes skin diseases such as skin cancer and premature skin ageing. UV radiation also causes cataracts and blindness. Most importantly, it weakens the human immune system.

How can overpopulation affect public health?

The denser the population growth, the easier it is for infections to spread. Overpopulation can lead to the emergence and spread of a variety of infectious diseases. The rise in antibiotic resistance may pose an unexpected concern for diseases such as -

Overpopulation can also contribute to excessive air pollution, which can cause a variety of respiratory diseases. As more people utilise public transit, there is growing concern about the health consequences of pollution. The harmful air contents are most likely to affect children and the elderly. Currently, poor air quality is a primary cause of respiratory health problems like-

Various other illnesses:

The number of people migrating to cities in search of work and prosperity is growing day by day. Large amounts of uncollected waste present a range of health risks, including cancer, neurological disorders, congenital deformities, and so on.

What can we do on this world population day?

Population growth is a global problem and the root of many health issues. Addressing the issue and taking adequate measures to solve it are much needed.

Some of these measures which help solve the problem of overpopulation include:

  • Enacting birth control measures and regulations
  • Spreading public awareness about family planning
  • Providing universal access to birth control methods
  • Educating about overpopulation

On this World Population Day, let’s aim to meet these objectives. This might help to break the vicious cycle of overpopulation and increased health risks.

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