World Brain Tumour Day 2022: Is survival with brain tumor possible?

Brain is the powerhouse of the body.Any disease or abnormality of the brain is a matter of concern. This World Brain Tumour Day, let’s generate awareness on the brain tumors and how timely action can save lives.

Together we are stronger!

This year, the theme for the event is “Together We Are Stronger” and we really can do a lot in fighting against this deadly condition.

Awareness, early detection, timely treatment, and adequte follow-up treatment course is the key for survival with brain tumours.

What causes brain tumors?

Cancers do not have a definite cause and a lot of factors are behind the onset of this condition. Brain tumours or brain cancer are caused by abnormal changes in the growth and division of cells in the brain or due to cancer spreading from other organs to the brain. When cancer begins in the brain, it's known as primary brain cancer and when the tumour spreads to brain from other parts of the body to the brain, it is known as secondary or metastatic brain cancer.

The survival of the person entirely depends on the grade of the condition:

  • Grade I: The cells grow slowly and may spread to other tissues
  • Grade II: The cells have an unusual look and grow slowly, spreading to other tissues
  • Grade III: Cells appear abnormal and are increasingly prone to growing with an abnormal occurrence
  • Grade IV: The cells appear irregular and spread quickly.

It is important to diagnose brain tumours early and identify the type and stage for the best chances of recovery. Grade I brain tumours can be treated if entirely removed surgically, although grade II tumour cells grow and spreads slowly than grade III and IV tumour cells. They have the potential to expand into nearby tissue and return. Grade IV tumours are usually incurable. Another important predictor of survival is age, with younger people living longer than older people. Survival is also influenced by the Tumour's location and subsequent neurological problems.
Survival from a brain tumour with a good quality of life is possible with proper treatment and early diagnosis

Why is Timely Treatment of Brain Tumour Important?

As the tumour grows and exerts pressure on the skull and brain structures, early detection and treatment can help avoid further difficulties. Brain tumours can be cancerous or noncancerous collections of abnormal cells in the brain. When this becomes large enough, it puts too much pressure on the skull, causing brain damage that can be fatal if not treated early. As at least 45% of brain tumours are noncancerous, early diagnosis and treatment can result in normal survival and function for patients

For early diagnosis, detect the symptoms early. The signs and symptoms of a brain tumour depend on the size and location of the Tumour.

  • Long-term headaches
  • Loss of sight
  • Difficulty talking
  • Loss of Central Vision
  • Scorching, becoming unconscious
  • Behavioural changes and many more

It's not necessary to have a brain tumour if you notice any of the signs and symptoms listed above. A variety of other conditions might cause these symptoms, so it's important to get the right diagnosis.
The diagnosis of brain tumour begins with a physical exam and a review of the patient's medical history. Following the physical examination, the doctor will recommend testing such as an MRI, CT scan, steroids, and radiotherapy.

Treatment options for brain tumour depend on numerous factors like:

  • The type, size, and grade of the Tumour
  • Possible side effects
  • Patient's overall health
  • Pressure that tumour exerts on other parts of the brain.

Recovery Period After Undergoing Brain Surgery

The recovery depends on various factors, including

  • Type of brain surgery
  • surgery-related complications
  • Severity of incisions
  • Age and overall health, including any other medical issues
  • Post-operative treatments such as radiation which might induce some side effects or complications

It's important to follow-up with the doctor after the surgery and stay on top of your health, no matter what form of brain tumour you've been diagnosed with. As many types of brain tumours have the potential to return, the doctor will recommend a monitoring plan based on the patient's specific needs.

Every second counts when it comes to BRAIN!

Do not ignore the symptoms. Get the tumour diagnosed and treated before it threatens your life.
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