Safe Abortion: A step to reduce maternal health risk and ensure good health

The word “abortion” carries a lot of stigma and taboo around it. It is alarming to know that yearly half of the pregnancies around the world are unintended and 6 out of 10 unintended pregnancies result in induced abortion. Many times, these induced abortions are unsafe leading to maternal deaths or high-risk health complications. The reason being lack of access to safe, timely, affordable, and respectful abortion care.

What does WHO say about abortion?

Abortions are safe when they are done as per WHO guidelines by a registered health care provider within the appropriate pregnancy duration. The doctor performing the procedure should have necessary skills and adequate facilities to offer thesafest way to abort. WHO even dedicates 28th of September as Safe Abortion Day.

Facts and Data on Abortion

  • Globally, around 45% of all abortions are unsafe
  • Unsafe abortion is catastrophic and results in 13% of preventable maternal fatalities worldwide
  • Around 47,000 girls and women scum to death due to unsafe abortion
  • Survivors of unsafe abortion suffer from long-term complications like infertility and chronic pain

What are the barriers to safe abortion?

There are a number of factors that determine whether a girl or a woman can terminate her pregnancy or not. These factors depend on the law of the land and other legal, regulatory, and socio-economic factors which are somehow interconnected and complex in nature. A few of these factors which vary from place to place are listed below:

  • Taboos and stigma around people seeking abortion
  • Laws that do not support abortion
  • Unsupportive attitude of the care providers
  • Lack of awareness on abortion laws and its importance
  • Poor social support
  • Financial constraints and misleading information

What are the barriers to safe abortion?

MTP is legal in India and a woman can opt for pregnancy termination within 20 weeks on various therapeutic, humanitarian, and social grounds. It ensures an end or significant reduction in the preventable maternal mortality as a result of unsafe and risky abortion methods.

Safe abortion or MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) in Hyderabad

Medicover Hospitals, with its team of highly experienced gynecologists, gynec surgeons, and obstetricians, offer safe MTP services in a highly secure environment, while maintaining 100% patient confidentiality. Depending upon the duration of pregnancy, the right treatment for abortion is chosen which could be medical abortion or surgical abortion. We deploy the latest techniques and procedures which are safe, painless, and quick to recover from.

  • 20-min procedure with same day discharge
  • No wounds, scars, or blood loss
  • No side effects and quick recovery
  • Legal and hassle free

We also offer pre and post-abortion care and counselling for your complete recovery and ensured good health.

Comprehensive abortion care services

Abortion is a medical need in many cases which requires a holistic approach for mental, emotional and physical health of a woman. That is why a complete care plan should be developed around this procedure.

  • Information and awareness about abortion to the woman
  • Safe management of abortion including procedure, medication, physical and mental care
  • Post abortion care and awareness
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Why one should go for safe abortion?

Medically supervised safe abortion is good not only for the health of a woman, but also for others considering the future social, financial, physical and mental impacts.

  • Safe abortion reduces the chances of infection and complications anticipated in delivering the baby
  • High-risk pregnancies carry more chances of complications than an abortion
  • The risk of maternal death is too high in risky pregnancy than in a surgical abortion within 20 weeks of pregnancy
  • Full-term pregnancy and childbirth carry more risk of mental and physical problems to the mother and the child.

Women or girls looking for safe medical abortion or other abortion procedures must ensure that they choose only registered and licensed medical providers or hospitals. Even if you find low cost MTP providers in Hyderabad, go only with facilities which are safe and fully equipped to render high-quality health services.

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