Monsoon Diet: Foods To Eat And Avoid During The Rainy Season

The Monsoon is in full swing, and we all love the sounds of rain, the nostalgic smell of wet mud, and the lush greenery around us.
With fried foods and Warm soups keeping us cosy, everything feels perfect! However, this season comes with its share of woes with caution.
Rains bring a lot of diseases caused by Viral, bacterial,fungal, Vector -Borne and Water -Borne diseases This season Imposes many health risks from Food and Water Contamination which Can Cause Cold & Flu, Malaria ,Dengue ,Typhoid and Gastro-Intestinal Infections. In order to ensure that your nutrition and immunity are balanced, you must consume a diet that strikes the best balance between the two.
During this season, you should be extra careful about what you eat and drink. So let’s discuss tips that will help you Stay healthy,yet enjoy the blossom of this season:

How can I maintain good health during the rainy season? What should I eat and avoid?

One of the main reasons we get sick during the monsoon season is due to the Sudden Fluctuations in the weather, making it optimal for infections. The key to good health is a healthy diet. So,Here are some diet guidelines from our expert dietitians for staying healthy throughout the monsoon season:


Add turmeric powder to your daily food and the milk you drink, as this ancient Indian drink “Haldi-Doodh” is a great Immune Booster! Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, helps to fight infections and keeps us healthy. It has antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric being regarded as the Golden spice of the kitchen will not only increase natural immunity but also will improve your overall health.

Eat vitamin C-rich foods:

Foods rich in immunity-boosting nutrients like vitamin C include red bell peppers, papaya, lemons, tomatoes, and oranges. Vitamin C helps fight Cold & flu, infections, improves digestion, strengthens bones, and has many other positive health benefits.

Indian masala chai:

A natural immunity-boosting drink, our very own masala chai is the ideal combination of herbs and spices like dried black pepper, ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and tulsi leaves. They help boost our immune system.
Cardamom and cloves are antibacterial, while peppercorns prevent and relieve symptoms of colds and flu. Cinnamon also has therapeutic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Masala tea can be a great choice to drink for this monsoon as it has medicinal benefits along with its great taste.

Spice up your diet:

Spices like pepper, turmeric, garlic and ginger help the immune system work better. Use the spices to season your meals, enjoy spiced tea (kadha), or add slices of ginger to lemon water and drinking it on an empty stomach has increased health benefits.

Hydrate yourself:

It is important to stay hydrated regardless of the season. Drink plenty of water, juices, and herb-infused water daily to stay healthy.

Foods to Avoid During the Monsoon?

Various unhealthy food habits increase the risk of acquiring infections during the monsoon season, which one should try to avoid. These include:

Eating Street Foods:

Avoid street food because there is a higher risk of ingesting Contaminated food and waterborne diseases as the temperature and weather conditions are ideal for the bacterial and fungal growth during the monsoon season.

Avoid Eating Fried Foods:

Eating fried foods like samosas or pakoras in moderation during this season is fine. Consuming these foods in excess might cause gastrointestinal problems which include indigestion, bloating, Vomiting and Diarrhoea. Also, avoid reusing fried oil as it could be toxic to your health.

Limit Seafood:

During this season, the risk of water contamination is high, making fish and other seafood vulnerable carriers of infection. As a result, it is advised to avoid seafood during the monsoon. Remember that the food and beverages you consume affect your immunity and overall health! These diet Modifications, nutritional suggestions, and regular preventive health checkups will help you from Keeping Monsoon diseases at a Bay.

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