Kidney Stone Scan Cost

Kidney Stone Scan Cost

What is kidney stone scan?

Kidney stone scans are also called renal ultrasounds, specifically to target the kidneys and bladder. Ultrasounds are a noninvasive, imaging scan utilizing sound waves for producing images of organs and structures. A transducer device is placed on the patient's skin. It sends out sound waves that travel through the organs inside the body, bouncing off organs and generating data that a computer can convert into images on the screen. Radiologists use ultrasounds to diagnose symptoms associated with kidney stones and determine the appropriate course of treatment plan. Kidney stone scan have a critical safety advantage over X-rays as they do not expose you to radiation.

Cost of kidney stone scan in India?

The cost of a kidney stone scan generally varies according to the city and the hospital one chooses. However, the minimum cost of kidney stone scan is Rs 1200 and the maximum is Rs.2500.

How to prepare for kidney stone scan?

  • Preparation for a kidney stone scan is minimal. The main requirement is that you drink at least 24 ounces of clear liquid at least an hour before the procedure. This is due to the fact that your doctor will require images of your kidneys, ureter and bladder before and after you emptying it.
  • There is no fasting required for a kidney stone scan.

How is kidney stone scan done?

Kidney stone scan are performed in both outpatient and inpatient settings. The following steps are followed in the procedure:

  • Weak immune system, frequent infections
  • You will be positioned on your stomach in the examination area.
  • A gel will be applied to the skin and the transducer. This substance improves sound wave transmission into the body by increasing contact between the transducer and your skin.
  • Sound waves are emitted into the body by the transducer. These sound waves will reflect off the kidney and other internal structures, providing the information required by a computer to create an image of your kidney and its internal structures.
  • The ultrasound images will be saved in digital format for future reference.

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