EEG Test Cost In India

EEG test cost in India ranges from Rs.1000/- to Rs.3500/-. An EEG evaluates the electrical activity of the brain. It is a non-invasive monitoring method that records the patterns of electric impulses through which brain cells communicate. EEG uses small sensors, known as electrodes that are placed on the scalp. These electrodes are connected to an EEG recording machine with wires. The brain waves are tracked by the electrodes and sent to a computer where the results are recorded.

The EEG recordings of the brain waves look like a wavy line with peaks and valleys. With the analysis of these recordings, doctors can detect the abnormalities in the brain wave patterns which helps in the diagnosis of brain and sleep disorders, especially epilepsy. EEG is prescribed to detect the problems in brain activity that may be associated with certain brain disorders. It is used to either diagnose or treat various conditions such as brain tumors, stroke, damage from head injuries, sleep disorders, etc. In the case of persistent coma, EEG might be used in confirming brain death.

EEG Procedure

Since EEG is non-invasive and painless, there will be little or no discomfort during the procedure. It is done by a neurologist and will typically take 1 hour to finish the test procedure. The procedure of the EEG test is mentioned below:

  • Initially, the patient will be asked to lie on the exam table. Then, the doctor measures the head and mark where the electrodes need to be placed
  • On the marked indications, electrodes are placed with the help of a glue-like gel and connected to the machine with wires, which records the signals
  • The signals which represent the electrical activity of the brain, picked up by the electrodes are displayed on the computer screen as wavy lines.
  • During the test, the doctor may ask the patient to breathe quickly and slowly or to stare at a flashing light to observe the changes in the brain wave patterns
  • Once the test is completed, the doctor will take off the electrodes and wash off the gel that used to hold them in place

EEG Test Cost in Hyderabad

Cost (in INR)
Hitec city, Madhapur EEG Rs. 3468/- Street No-3, Patrika Nagar In the Lane of IBIS Hotels Madhapur, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

EEG Test cost in Karimnagar

EEG Rs. 2000 /-
For Appointments Call : 04068334455
Hospital Medicover Hospitals Old Employment Office Road, Civil Hospital Backside, Christian Colony, Karimnagar, Telangana 505001

EEG Test cost in Kurnool

EEG Available
For Appointments Call : 04068334455
Hospital Medicover Hospitals Near APSRTC Bus Stand, Sampath Nagar, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh – 518003

EEG Test cost in Nellore

EEG Rs. 1770 /-
For Appointments Call : 04068334455
Hospital Medicover Hospitals NH-5, Chinthareddypalem Crossroad, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524003

EEG Test cost in Sangareddy

EEG Rs. 1020 /-
For Appointments Call : 04068334455
Hospital Shree Balaji Medicover Hospitals 4-68/1, Nh-9, Kandi Village X Road, Sangareddy, Telangana 502001

EEG Test cost in Nashik

EEG Rs. 2000/-
For Appointments Call : 0253 6660000
Hospital Ashoka Medicover Hospitals, Indira Nagar, Wadala, Nashik - 422009 Maharashtra, India

Note: The above-mentioned cost is dated 12-03-2020, latest prices may vary please call on 04068334455 to get the latest cost.


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