Digital Impression

Have you ever had a mould of your teeth made? Is that soft and sticky impression material in your mouth irritating or tickling the back of your throat? You may probably remember the sensation if you have a sensitive gag reflex. Fortunately, digital dental impressions revolutionize how patients receive routine restorative treatments and are fitted for dental restorations. These digital impressions are created virtually and in a matter of seconds. No need for sticky impression materials!

Digital impressions are currently revolutionizing the way dentists create dental restorations for patients. A digital impression is a virtual scan of your teeth that makes a map of them. Dentists can create a 3d-virtual, computer-generated model of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth using lasers and other optical scanning devices. This digital model enables dentists to view patients' teeth on a computer screen rather than using a mirror, a mould, or an X-ray, as these are the traditional methods. After taking an impression, a dentist can immediately send the digital impression to a lab to quickly and accurately create dentures, crowns, bridges, and other restoration models quickly and accurately.

How are digital impressions created?

A digital video or a series of digital photographs can capture a digital impression. Both methods take precise measurements in the mouth and send a series of small images, which are instantly stitched together by the software of a digital impression machine to form an accurate map of your mouth. Patients can usually view these images on a chair-side monitor.


  • Dentists prepare patients' teeth for scans by cleaning the area of saliva and blood and dusting the teeth with titanium dioxide powder.
  • Dentists use an intraoral wand inserted into the patient's mouth and move around the affected area to capture a series of digital images or videos.
  • Digital impression software quickly assembles the images or videos and displays the image of the impression on a chairside monitor.
  • Dentists analyze the digital images and confirm the accuracy of the scan. It can be turned, flipped, and examined from every angle as if you have a physical version in your hands. No waiting is required.
  • The digital dental impressions are sent to the laboratory, where restoration of the patient's such as crowns, dentures, and bridges are created.

Advantages of digital impression

More Efficient

Digital dental scans eliminate the need to pour models, send them to a lab, and wait for the lab technician to make your custom restoration. Instead, milling technology is used to convert the scan into something like a customized dental crown during the same appointment. Your permanent restoration will be ready to fix into place, eliminating the need for a second appointment or wearing a temporary "cap" for two weeks.

More Comfortable

Most people dislike taking traditional dental impressions. Traditional impressions can get in the way of a healthier smile if you are claustrophobic, have a sensitive gag reflex, or don't like things in your mouth. Digital dental impressions do not require sticky alginate, and there are no bulky trays to fit inside the mouth. The thin wand is systematically scanned across your teeth to capture images of every angle of your tooth.

Extremely Accurate

You may wonder how accurate a digital scan of your teeth would be compared to a physical impression. The precision is exceptional and eliminates the possibility of human error during lab processes, resulting in a highly accurate restoration that fits and feels great from the moment it is placed inside the mouth.

Safe Storage

The dental office stores your digital images electronically, helping to keep records more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

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