10 Best Cooling Foods For Summer In India

10 Best Cooling Foods For Summer In India

During Indian summers, the mercury usually rises to a point where it is nearly unbearable for people, leaving them exhausted. In scorching heat and excessive humidity, one feels dehydrated and short on energy. Therefore, it's crucial that we follow certain precautions throughout the hot season. Foods that are difficult to digest increase body heat.

Here are the top 10 cooling foods to regulate your body temperature and make your summers less hot.

1. Coconut

The finest summer beverage is coconut water. This "not-so-expensive" drink, which is loaded with vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It contains cooling qualities that can aid in your battle against heat. Coconut water can be regularly consumed to help prevent cancer.

2. Citrus fruits

All citrus fruits, including lemon, orange, pineapple, and muskmelon are delicious and excellent for relieving thirst. They are loaded with fibers and good water content. These fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps to soothe nerves and remove toxins from the body. One can juice them or consume them sliced. Bromelain, an enzyme believed to lessen bodily inflammation, is only found in pineapple.

3. Cucumber

Cucumbers are high in fiber, which helps to prevent constipation throughout the summer. Cucumbers also have a lot of water in them. So, to stay cool during the hot weather, one can have a cucumber on your plate.

4. Watermelon

Summertime brings with it the season for the fruit watermelon. It helps to meet the body's water requirements because it is 91.45% water. Due to the abundance of antioxidants in watermelon, it also offers fantastic cooling properties.

5. Onions

The cooling properties of onions may surprise some people. To prepare salads, combine them with salt and lemon. Adding onion to the vegetables, curries, and raita is another way to consume it. The quercetin found in red onions is often regarded as a natural anti-allergen. Including onions in the diet regularly can also help to protect people from sunstroke.

6. Curd

In addition to being delicious, curd has a cooling impact on the body. Moreover, curd comes in a variety of forms. You can make delicious lassi or buttermilk. You can also prepare raita and eat it alongside the meals. Seasonal fruits additions to curd or the making of delicious smoothies are additional options for eating it.

7. Bananas

Bananas are a rich source of roughage and are high in fiber and good for digestion. The greatest strategy to avoid acidity in the summer is to consume overripe bananas. Moreover, it is a fantastic way to avoid acidity and maintain hydration, especially in the heat.

8. Green leafy vegetables

There are several advantages to eating green leafy veggies throughout the year. Moreover, including them in the diet regularly is advantageous because green leafy vegetables have a high water content and boost your immunity as well. Keep in mind that overcooking or over-boiling these vegetables could lead them to lose water content.

9. Mint

Mint leaves also known as Pudina can be added to various dishes and beverages to make them more refreshing during the extremely hot season, even if it is not intended to be consumed solo. Mint is extremely nutritious and may be used in various ways, from tasty chutneys to fresh ingredients for drinks and smoothies. It is a good source of folate,iron, manganese, fiber, and vitamin A.

10. Fish

It's advisable to stay away from chicken and red meat throughout the summer because they can raise the body temperature. Choose lean proteins instead, like fish and tofu (for vegetarians). Fish meat has a low cholesterol content and more easily digestible fibers when cooked properly. Additionally, light on your stomach, fish won't make you tired.

Freshwater fish are the best option because they have low sodium content, which doesn't encourage thirst or high blood pressure. If you do choose curries, be sure to reduce the amount of spice as well.

By eating these 10 cooling meals, you may effortlessly safeguard your body from the blazing heat while also satisfying your stomach! Remember that just as there are foods that can help you stay cool, there are also foods that can elevate your body's temperature. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water, use sunscreen and stay out of the sun.

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