What is Vocal Cord Surgery?

Vocal Cord Surgery is a surgery where the growths on the vocal cords, such as polyps, tumours, or other masses are removed for biopsy or to improve function of the vocal cord. When the vocal cords are scarred due to numerous causes, paralyzed, or otherwise aberrant, vocal cord surgery is recommended to restore normal function. These diseases may prevent the vocal cords from fully opening and closing, which is required for normal speech and breathing.

What is the cost of Vocal Cord Surgery in India?

The cost of Vocal Cord Surgery might vary based on various factors such as the city and the hospital one chooses. You might also find some variation in the cost due to the severity of the cost or the complications involved in performing the surgery. The cost of Vocal Cord Surgery in Mumbai and Nashik might be slighly different. The cost of Vocal Cord Surgery in Hyderabad is Rs. 80,000 to 1,00,000.

City Cost Range
Hyderabad Rs. 80,000 to 1,00,000.

How is vocal cord surgery performed?

The vocal cords are operated by either directly using an open surgical method (a neck incision) or indirectly through an endoscopic approach (through a tube inserted into the mouth and throat). Both procedures are carried out under general anaesthetic (the patient is fully asleep). When the larynx (upper front of the neck) has been injured or fractured, an open surgical technique is usually used. Although the open surgical approach provides for more control of the vocal cords during the surgery, the endoscopic approach may be more effective in restoring a more normal voice tone. The endoscopic method also has the benefit of allowing for extremely close inspection of the vocal cords, resulting in a precise and exact tissue incision or removal. Not all procedures, however, can be done endoscopically. Make sure to talk to your doctor about this choice.


How to prepare for vocal cord surgery?

Before the surgery, your doctor may advise you to fast for eight hours before the surgery. There's no need to fast if you're getting a moderate anesthetic, which is normally what you'd get if the exam took place in your doctor's office.

When is vocal cord surgery done?

When there is the growth of polyps, tumors, or masses on the vocal cords that need to be removed for biopsy or to improve function, vocal cord surgery is done. The child's voice will normally be hoarse or raspy.

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