What Is Thyroid Cancer Surgery?

Thyroid cancer is a kind of cancer that begins as a nodule or tumour in the thyroid gland, located near the base of the throat. It happens when renegade cells multiply at a rate that the immune system can't control. In older adults, thyroid cancer is more likely to be severe. The thyroid gland is surgically removed entirely during a thyroidectomy procedure. Thyroidectomy is the primary surgical therapy for thyroid cancer, one of the solutions for thyroid cancer.

Cost Of Thyroid Cancer Surgery Cost In India

The cost of a thyroid cancer surgery generally varies according to the city and the hospital one chooses. The procedure cost depends on the patient's age and the severity of the illness. The price of thyroid cancer surgery in Hyderabad, Vizag, Aurangabad, Nashik and other cities can differ due to various factors. The thyroid cancer surgery cost in India is approximately Rs. 45,750 to Rs. 4,65,000, depending upon the type of surgery. However, the cost of thyroid cancer surgery in Hyderabad starts from Rs 42,200.

City Average Cost Range
Hyderabad Rs. 45,750 to Rs. 4,65,000

How Is Thyroid Cancer Diagnosed?

Thyroid nodules, often known as nodules, are widespread. Most lumps aren't cancer, but you should have them checked by your doctor if you find one on your own.

  • The doctor will examine unusual growths or swelling in the neck, thyroid gland, throat, and lymph nodes.
  • A thyroid blood test examines hormone levels and determines whether or not your thyroid gland is functioning correctly.
  • Thyroid cancer can be detected, and the spread of the malignancy can be determined using a radioiodine scan.
  • The doctor will perform a biopsy on your thyroid, extracting cells to check for cancer cells. Ultrasound technology may be used to guide these biopsy operations.

How Is Thyroid Cancer Surgery Done?

Except for rare anaplastic thyroid cancers, surgery is the most common approach for thyroid cancer. The surgery is used to remove the tumour, and it is usually suggested to remove all or part of the remaining thyroid gland. Surgical procedures include the following:/p>


It is a surgery in which the cancer-bearing lobes and the isthmus are removed.


In this method, the thyroid gland is removed surgically. Thyroid cancer surgery is the most prevalent. This procedure is usually done by a few-inch-long incision across the front of the neck, similar to lobectomy. Following surgery, you will have a tiny scar across the front of your neck, which will fade with time.

Lymph node removal

If cancer has progressed to surrounding lymph nodes in the neck, these will be removed simultaneously in the thyroid surgery. This is especially important in treating anaplastic cancer and medullary thyroid cancer.


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