What is Sleep Study?

A sleep study is a non-invasive overnight study that allows doctors to monitor your brain and body during sleep. You'll go to a sleep lab set up for overnight stays for this test. An EEG tracks the sleep cycles you go through during the night to detect abnormalities in your sleep pattern. It also monitors your eye movements, blood oxygen levels, heartbeat, snoring, and body movements.

Cost of Sleep Study

The cost of sleep study generally varies and depends on the hospital and the city one chooses. The cost of a sleep study in Hyderabad, Vizag, Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nashik, Nellore, Kakinada, Kurnool and other location may differ.

City Average Cost Range
Cost of Sleep Study in India Rs 8,000 to Rs 13,000

How To Prepare For Sleep Study?

  • Avoid drinking or eating caffeinated beverages and alcohol in the afternoon and evening before the exam.
  • The patient is requested to stay overnight in the sleep study room.
  • The polysomnography chamber would be calm and dark to assist the patient in falling asleep rapidly.
  • After the lights are turned out, a camera will be installed in this area to observe all of the patient's actions closely.
  • The sleep expert closely monitors the patient's physiological responses and sleep cycles.
  • The room also has an audio system, so they may quickly interact with the sleep specialist if the patient has any queries.

What are the Types Of Sleep Study?

Sleep studies collect information about what happens in a person's body while sleeping. Many types of sleep investigations are available depending on one's symptoms and any sleep abnormalities present.

  • Polysomnography
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test
  • CPAP Titration
  • Home Sleep Apnea Testing

How is Sleep Study Done?

Surface electrodes are placed on your face and scalp during a sleep study, and your brain and muscles produce these signals. Breathing is measured using belts over your chest and belly, and the oxygen in your blood is calculated using a bandage-like oximeter probe.

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