What is Fetal Echocardiography?

Fetal echocardiography, also known as a fetal echocardiogram or fetal echo, is a specialized ultrasound test to diagnose cardiac conditions in an unborn baby's heart. This method generates images of an unborn baby's heart using sound waves.

A fetal echocardiogram is a prenatal test for detecting congenital heart disease (CHD) that enables the newborn baby to receive medical and surgical help as soon as possible after birth.

The fetal echo gives a detailed picture and information about the baby's heart inside the womb, which is not possible with a routine pregnancy ultrasound test.

Cost Of Fetal Echocardiography In India

The cost of a fetal echocardiography test varies according to the city and the hospital one chooses. The average cost of a fetal echocardiogram in Mumbai, Nashik or other locations is between Rs. 1,300 to Rs. 3000. The minimum cost of a fetal echocardiography test in Hyderabad is Rs. 1,300, and the maximum is Rs. 2,500.

City Cost Range
Nashik Rs 1,300 to Rs. 2,500

How To Prepare For Fetal Echocardiography Procedure

  • There's not much preparation needed for a fetal echo test.
  • You can eat and normally drink beforehand.
  • This procedure does not require a full bladder.
  • Do not put any creams, lotions, or powders on your abdomen on the day of the procedure.

How Is Fetal Echocardiography Done?

Fetal Echocardiography
  • It is very much like a routine pregnancy ultrasound.
  • The radiologist asks you to lie down on an examination bed and expose your belly. They put a lubricating gel on your skin.
  • The radiologist will move a handheld electronic device (ultrasound transducer) over your abdomen.
  • The ultrasound transducer passes high-frequency sound waves through your body. The device is moved around the abdomen to get different fetal heart images.
  • Due to the movement of the transducer, you may feel slight pressure.
  • When the diagnostic test is completed, the gel is cleaned off your abdomen, and you can return to your routine daily activities./li>

Fetal Echocardiography Indications

  • Another baby was born with a congenital heart problem.
  • There's a history of genetic heart disease in your family.
  • Genetic concerns are identified in the foetus.
  • During your pregnancy, you took drugs or alcohol.
  • You have a medical problem such as lupus, diabetes, or phenylketonuria.
  • You have had certain infections that can harm your pregnancy.

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