Egg Freezing at Affordable Cost in India

What is Egg Freezing?

These days, women prefer to have children later in life, and egg freezing can help a woman delay pregnancy. Most women reach menopause in their late 40s or early 50s, and fertility declines in the years leading up to menopause. Conceiving a child later in life is more complicated than it is for a younger woman. Egg freezing is the process of extracting, freezing, and preserving a woman's eggs (oocytes) to maintain her potential to reproduce at a later age. This method has made significant progress in recent years, increasing the overall success of oocytes surviving the freezing procedure. If you're thinking of freezing your eggs, consider that frozen eggs are less likely to result in a successful pregnancy than fresh eggs. However, frozen eggs can offer hope of conceiving in the future for sure.

Cost of Egg Freezing In India

The cost of egg freezing in Mumbai, Nasik, or other locations may vary, and it depends on the type of hospital and the city you choose. In Hyderabad, the cost of egg freezing procedure is between Rs 50000-Rs 100000.

City Cost Range
Hyderabad Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000

How To Prepare For Egg Freezing?

  • The egg freezing preparatory process takes about two weeks.
  • A doctor will ask you about your medical history focused on fertility and examine the regularity of the menstrual cycle before beginning the egg-freezing process.
  • It starts with daily injections of fertility medicines into the ovaries for 10 to 12 days to induce superovulation or to produce numerous mature eggs at once.
  • A doctor will perform regular blood tests to check the effects of hormone therapies. At least one ultrasound will be performed on the woman to identify ovulation and plan extraction at the right time.

How is Egg Freezing Done?

  • The doctor extracts the eggs from the ovarian follicles using a needle once they have matured.
  • The procedure will most likely be guided by ultrasound. The doctor may perform an invasive procedure on the abdomen to remove the eggs if they are not visible during the ultrasound.
  • Once the doctor has extracted the egg, it must be frozen as quickly as possible.
  • Then the doctor injects a special solution into the eggs before freezing them.
  • When fertilication needs to be done, the egg and sperm combine to produce an embryo which then gets implanted in the woman's uterus, when needed.
egg freezing

Who Should Consider Egg Freezing?

  • Someone suffering from any serious condition like cancer which puts the fertility at risk.
  • A woman who is not in a position to have a child now but would like to have a family after the age when fertility decreases typically.
  • Women who want to pursue other degrees or demanding careers might freeze their eggs while they are young to ensure that they will have access to healthy eggs in the future.
  • Women who wish to start a family but haven't met the right partner might store their eggs for later use.

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