Buttock Lift Surgery at Affordable Cost in India

A buttock lift removes saggy skin and tissue from the buttocks, giving them a more rounded and smooth appearance. It will enhance the look of slight discolouration on the skin but will not increase buttock size or projection. Unlike a "Brazilian butt lift," which uses fat transfer to increase volume, this operation only removes skin and fat by surgical excision and liposuction. Numerous people get effective buttock lift surgery each year and are happy with the results.

Cost of Buttock Lift Surgery In India

The cost generally varies according to the city and the hospital one chooses. The buttock lift surgery cost in Mumbai, Nashik, and Hyderabad differs widely based on many other factors. It involves the severity of the process involved and the condition of the patient. The average cost of buttock lift surgery in Hyderabad is Rs 2,00,000.

City Cost Range
Hyderabad Rs 2,00,000.

How is Buttock Lift Surgery Done?

There are many different techniques and approaches, but the following are the most common:

  • To remove excess skin and pull the remaining skin taut, the doctor will create an incision at the top of the buttocks, in the hips, and around the abdomen.
  • Liposuction is commonly used to achieve a balanced look by contouring the buttocks or thighs.
  • Incisions are sutured and closed in layers to keep the skin tight and minimise scarring.
  • Dressings are placed, and a compression garment or girdle is frequently worn to help reduce swelling.

Who is a Good Candidate for Buttock Lift Surgery?

Sagging skin and fat in the abdominal area can add bulk to your physique and hinder your efforts to slim down and shape it through exercise and diet. If any of these conditions apply to you, then you might be a good candidate for a buttock lift:

  • You've undergone bariatric surgery or lost a significant amount of weight.
  • You have loose skin and cellulite on your buttocks due to pregnancy and/or age.
  • Skin laxity, extra skin, and sagginess in the buttocks are all present.
  • The layer of fat beneath your skin is thin.
  • Your weight has been constant for at least a year, and no additional weight loss is anticipated. For best outcomes, gluteoplasty should be avoided for at least two years after the commencement of any major weight-loss program.

You are a suitable candidate for this procedure if you are in good general health and have a positive attitude and reasonable expectations.

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