Breast Reduction Surgery at Affordable Cost in India

Breast reduction, as the name itself suggests, is a procedure that one undergoes to reduce the size of their breasts. The surgical name is known as reduction mammaplasty. People undergo this surgery to reduce the size of their breasts if they are uncomfortable with them. The reduction is done by removing some tissues from the breast to the ideal extent desired by the person.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In India

The cost generally varies according to the city, and the hospital one chooses. The breast reduction surgery cost in Mumbai, Nashik & Hyderabad differs widely based on many other factors. The usual range of cost is between INR 1,30,000 to INR 2,44,000. The minimum price in Hyderabad is Rs.90,000 & the maximum is Rs 1,50,000.

City Cost Range
Hyderabad Rs.90,000 to Rs 1,50,000

How to Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Consult the surgeon and talk about the goal, risks and benefits.
  • If you are ready, the surgeon will explain the further details of the procedure.
  • The surgeon may ask you to do blood tests and ECG.
  • The surgeon may ask for a breast mammogram if the patient’s age is above 40.
  • A preoperative with the surgeon can be expected before the surgery.
  • If the patient smokes, they will be advised to quit smoking a week before the surgery.
  • The surgery is performed at the hospital.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes on the day of your surgery.
  • Don't eat or drink after midnight before the surgery.
  • Two weeks before the surgery, you will be advised to stop taking some medicines.
  • The surgery is done under general or local anaesthesia.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

The procedure is done in the following steps:

  • Anaesthesia is given for comfort during the surgery.
  • A small incision is made around the areola and down each breast.
  • The excessive breast tissue is removed, lifted, and shaped.
  • The incisions are brought together to reshape the breast.
  • Th`e results are visible immediately. The swelling will eventually reduce, and the incision lines fade in time.

Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques

There are different surgery techniques, but they all involve reducing the breast size by removing the excess fat tissues and reshaping the breast size desired by the patients. The standard methods are:

Traditional surgical procedure

Incisions are made to remove the excess tissues and fat from the breast and reduce the size to the desired level.

Reduction by liposuction

It is done by melting away the excessive fat present under the breasts, but this procedure is not suitable for everyone.

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