Full Body Check up for Female in Chandanagar

A whole-body check-up for females is an essential health screening for the overall well-being of a woman's body. This examination includes tests and evaluations to help identify potential health risks and prevent diseases. The tests may consist of blood pressure check, cholesterol levels, blood sugar level tests, lipid profile, Pap Smear, 2D echo with color Doppler, CT Coronary Angiogram, etc., and Physio OPD, Cardiology Consultation, Pulmonology Consultation, Neurology Consultation. A complete medical history, including family history, lifestyle habits, and any pre-existing medical conditions, is also taken.

Regular whole-body check-ups can help women stay on top of their health, identify any early signs of disease or illness, and take preventative measures. These tests can benefit women with a higher chance of developing certain conditions, such as breast cancer or heart problems. The frequency of these examinations should be discussed with a  gynecologist because it may differ according to her age, lifestyle, and family history. Overall, a whole-body check-up for females is critical in maintaining good health and preventing severe medical issues from developing or worsening.

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Offer Price : 27500 INR

Package Details

This package comprises 32 Investigations + 9 Specialist Consultation. For more details, view the package details here.


  • ECG
  • ESR
  • FBS(FastingBlood Glucose)
  • Gamma GT
  • HBA1C (Glycosylated Haemoglobin)
  • HBsAgQ2
  • HIV I / II
  • LFT (Liver Function Test)
  • Lipid Profile
  • Pap Smear
  • PLBS (Post Lunch Blood Glucose )
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Serum Electrolytes
  • Serum Uric Acid
  • T3, T4 and TSH
  • TMT
  • USG Abdomen with Pelvis
  • USG Carotid Doppler
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D(25 OH)
  • X-Ray Chest PA View
  • X-Ray Mammography
  • 2D Echo with Colour Doppler
  • Anti HCV
  • Blood Grouping and RH
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
  • CBP (Complete Blood Picture)
  • Complete Stool Examination
  • Serum Calcium
  • CT Brain Plain
  • CT Coronary Angiogram
  • CUE (Complete Urine Examination)


  • Physio OPD Consultation
  • Cardiology Consultation
  • Pulmonology Consultation
  • Neurology Consultation
  • Orthopedic Consultation
  • Gastroenterology Consultation
  • General Medicine Consultation
  • Dental Consultation
  • Dietician

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which consultations are included in Whole Body Check Up for Females in Chandanagar?

Whole Body Check-Up for Female in Chandanagar has physio OPD consultation, cardiology consultation, pulmonology consultation, neurology consultation, orthopedic consultation, gastroenterology consultation, general medicine consultation, dental consultation & dietician consultation.

2. Can I eat and drink before a Whole Body Check Up for Female?

It depends on the tests that will be performed during the screening. Your doctor will provide specific instructions on what to do before your appointment.

3. Is it safe to undergo multiple tests during a whole body checkup for Females?

Yes, it is generally safe to undergo multiple tests during a whole-body check-up.

4. Can a Whole Body Check Up for females in Chandanagar detect sexually transmitted diseases?

Yes, a Whole Body Check Up for Female in Chandanagar can detect sexually transmitted diseases through blood tests, urine tests, or physical examinations.

5. What is the cost of a Whole Body Check Up for Female in Chandanagar?

Whole Body Check Up for Female in Chandanagar costs Rs 27500/- approximately.