Pulmonology Health Check Up Package in Vizianagaram

Pulmonology health checkups at Medicover Hospitals, Vizianagaram, are designed to assess and evaluate respiratory system health. This checkup is important for people who smoke or have a history of lung problems. It is also recommended for people who work in jobs that involve exposure to pollutants or hazardous substances that can damage the lungs. During a pulmonology health checkup, the doctor will conduct an X-ray chest PA view, pulmonary function test, and screening echo to evaluate the lungs' health. One of the primary benefits of a pulmonology health checkup is the early detection and prevention of respiratory problems. 

By identifying potential lung problems early on, doctors can provide prompt treatment and prevent the progression of severe conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, or pulmonary fibrosis. Regular pulmonology checkups can also help people with existing lung conditions manage their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. Regular checkups can help people identify respiratory problems early, manage existing conditions, and prevent serious health complications. Suppose you have a history of lung conditions or are at risk of developing them, you must consult your doctor and schedule regular pulmonology checkups to maintain optimal respiratory health.

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This package comprises 3 Investigations + 1 Specialist Consultation. For more details, view the package details here. The package & the prices may vary based on location.


  • X-Ray Chest PA View
  • PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)
  • Screening Echo


  • Pulmonology Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why is a pulmonology health check-up important?

A pulmonology health check-up is essential because it can detect lung problems early before they become serious. Early detection and treatment can improve your chances of full recovery.

2. Who should get a pulmonology health check-up?

People who smoke, have a family history of lung disease or are exposed to harmful air pollutants at work or home should consider getting a pulmonology health check-up.

3.How long does a pulmonology health check-up take?

The length of a pulmonology health check-up varies depending on the tests performed, but it usually takes a few hours to complete.

4.Are there any risks associated with a pulmonology health check-up?

Most tests performed during a pulmonology health check-up are safe and pose little to no risk, but some may cause complications in rare cases.

5.Can I get a pulmonology health check-up if I don't have symptoms?

Yes, a pulmonology health check-up can be done even if you don't have any symptoms. In fact, early detection is often most effective when there are no symptoms present.