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Best Pulmonology Hospital in Hyderabad

Pulmonology at Medicover Hospitals is widely recognized for the diagnosis, care, and treatment of a wide range of respiratory diseases and defects of the respiratory system as a whole. The field of medicine is concerned with the management of diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, emphysema, and other types of occupational lung diseases and chest infections.

We have the best pulmonologists and lung specialists team in Hyderabad, offering complete consultation, diagnostic, and therapeutic treatments for various lung disorders and all pulmonary diseases. Our renowned lung specialists in Hyderabad provide in-patient, out-patient, and intensive care unit (ICU) lung treatments.

Our medical team is experienced and skilled to handle any serious conditions with utmost care. Our pulmonologists are among the most experienced in these domains, with a track record of competence in clinical pulmonology and critical care, as well as specialties like Interventional Pulmonology.

The Department of Pulmonology at Medicover Hospitals is equipped with cutting-edge technology that meets international standards. The branch primarily treats diseases of the airways, lungs, and pleura. It also addresses Sleep Disordered Breathing, Allergy and Immunotherapy, and the rehabilitation of patients suffering from respiratory diseases.

Milestones achieved in the Department.

Handled the maximum number of complicated Covid pneumonia during Covid times, performed numerous Bronchoscopies and EBUS-guided procedures.

Procedure and Treatment options

  • Six Minutes Walk Test 
  • Split Night Study
  • Titration Sleep Study
  • Titration Sleep Study And Diagnostic Sleep Study
  • Diagnostic Sleep Study
  • PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)


  • Bronchoscopy suite, EBUS facility in OT, PFT room
  • Laboratory for Advanced Pulmonology Function Testing
  • The Asthma Clinic will target the high prevalence of asthma in children.
  • Complex lung surgery for lung transplantation, combined heart and lung transplantation, and diseases such as tracheal cancer, lung cancer, and mesothelioma are all available at this centre.
  •  Asthma, TB, and other respiratory disorders are treated at the Centre for Interventional Pulmonology.

Technology And Equipment

For Performing Complex Surgeries, We are fully equipped with the latest technologies for treating procedures such as Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement, high definition cameras, computer navigation systems, Advanced Arthroscopic Equipment for technically challenging Procedures, Mobile C-arm fluoroscopic X-ray Systems, 24-hour trauma surgery, and orthopaedic rehabilitation tumour surgery, trauma surgery, arthroscopy, and rheumatology. EBUS, Bronchoscopy, Sleep study, Cryo machine, PFT room


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