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Best Anesthesiology Hospital in Chandanagar

Anesthesiology at Medicover Hospitals, Chandanagar, aids patients in pain management. The primary motive is to minimize pain before, during, and after any surgery. We provide anesthesia services for all procedures requiring anesthesia, elective surgeries, and emergency care. Some life-threatening conditions are also treated, such as the very risky and skill-intensive process of administering anesthesia.

The Department of Anesthesiology at Medicover Hospitals in Chandanagar has trained and experienced anaesthesiologists with extensive expertise in delivering anesthetic services to various sub-specialties such as neuro, cardiac, pediatric, obstetric, and daycare. Anesthesia services are available 24/7 week. Medicover's well-equipped Anaesthesia Department provides world-class treatment for cancer, endoscopic surgery, limited access surgery, urologic surgery, organ transplant, dentistry, ENT, cosmetic, and other allied surgical specialties. The anesthesiologist uses the most sophisticated, safe, and patient-centered techniques.

Our top anesthesiologists in Chandanagar strive to care for patients from the time of admission till discharge and provide a painless and comfortable atmosphere. The patient's health state decides the type of anesthetic used on the patient. It is administered only after a thorough review of all factors, including pre-medical issues, known allergies, medical history, family history, vital signs, and psychological issues. The type of anesthetic administered is determined by the primary and secondary diagnosis. Our anaesthesiologists in Chandanagar have developed a reputation for being pioneers in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia for orthopedic and trauma surgery.

Milestones achieved in the Department

Successfully and efficiently managing OT unit of 1 major theatre and 1 minor theatre to perform 60 surgeries on an average per month; Gyneac, performing kidney and neuro surgeries

Procedures/Treatment Options available

All types of anesthesia


Anesthesia machines, OT lights, diathermy, monitors