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Best Kidney Transplant Hospital in Nashik

Medicover Hospitals provide the best kidney or renal transplants in Nashik. It is a surgical procedure used to give a patient a fresh start in life with the help of a healthy kidney donor. Donors can be family members, acquaintances, blood type incompatible donors, or cadaver donors. We exclusively treat those who have chronic renal disease. There are numerous advantages to having a kidney transplant at Nashik's top kidney transplant hospital. Patients will be able to resume usual tasks and will no longer require dialysis. Many successful transplants have been done at Medicover Hospitals to assist people suffering from Kidney failure.

We conduct thorough research before selecting a qualified donor who can improve your life. Our staff will assess the kidney function and determine which type of transplantation is best for you. A team of doctors and other medical professionals will examine and review the tests and heart and lung function to select the ideal donor for you. We are the best in Nashik because of our thorough ambiguous approach to treating patients. We evaluate existing renal function and provide the appropriate diagnosis.

We provide the most economical and cost-effective kidney transplant packages in Nashik. We have a highly renowned multidisciplinary staff, including Transplant Surgeons, Nephrologists, Pediatric Surgeons, Anesthetists, Intensivists, Cardiologists, and Physicians. A multidisciplinary team of dieticians, physical therapists, and rehabilitation support workers ensures the patient's readiness for kidney transplant surgery and full and prompt recovery from the procedure.

Milestones achieved in the Department

We successfully performed more than 20 kidney transplants this year.

Procedures/Treatment Options Available

Live and cadaver kidney transplant.

ABO-incompatible Kidney transplant


We are equipped with the latest Laparoscopy units and all advanced instruments for a kidney transplant.

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