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Nashik, Maharashtra 422209



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Best ENT Hospital Nashik

The ENT department of Medicover Hospital in Nashik is one of the best hospitals offering comprehensive treatment and medical facilities. We treat various issues, including common ear, nose, throat, and thyroid disorders, snoring, hearing impairments, voice problems, and salivary gland diseases. Medicover Hospitals has a comprehensive approach to treating head and neck problems, temporal bone tumors, skull base tumors, and sino-nasal cancers.

The Medicover Hospital's ENT department is a pioneer in developing a clinic to help with snoring and sleep difficulties. Our doctors have extensive experience in this field, and they provide the best diagnostic procedures and treatment plans for patients who have sleep disorders. We have a separate facility for addressing balance and dizziness issues. The hospital has cutting-edge technology for diagnosing balance problems and other related issues, including vertigo. Our Doctors' multidisciplinary approach allows them to handle even the most difficult situations easily and comfortably. As the leading ENT facility in Nashik, our primary goal is to provide delicate care without causing discomfort to our patients.

We are one of the best ENT hospitals in Nashik, providing 24/7 treatment, world-class amenities, and highly experienced and skilled paramedical employees. ENT doctors collaborate with other department experts to manage complicated ENT disorders and provide excellent patient treatment outcomes. As the leading ENT facility in Nashik, our primary goal is to provide quality treatment at a reasonable cost while offering excellent patient care.

Milestones achieved in the Department

We have successfully treated many complicated Mucormycosis patients in accordance with a Dentist.

Procedures/Treatment Options Available

  • Septoplasty,
  • FESS,
  • Tympanoplasty,
  • Mastoidectomy,
  • Adenoidectomy,
  • Tonsillectomy,
  • Stapedectomy
  • Thyroidectomy,
  • Tracheostomy


  • ENT Surgery instruments
  • ENT Chair