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Best Critical Care Hospital in Nashik

The Department of Critical Care at Medicover Hospital in Nashik is dedicated to giving our patients excellent care and specific treatments. The critical care department has an experienced care team and state-of-the-art lab facilities. Critical care medicine is a medical specialty that deals with medical care for people with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. These treatments usually occur in an intensive care unit (ICU), called intensive care medicine. It also deals with diagnosing and treating potentially fatal illnesses requiring invasive monitoring and sophisticated organ support.

Patients in need of intensive care may need help and support due to instability, airway or respiratory issues that require ventilator support, acute renal failure, potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmias, or the cumulative effects of multiple organ failure, now known as multiple organ dysfunction syndromes. Patients may be hospitalized for intensive or invasive monitoring, such as during the crucial hours after major surgery.

Critical care doctors, nurses, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists, respiratory care technicians, and support staff provide round-the-clock patient care. All of these professionals are skilled and experienced. Our professionals use cutting-edge diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic technologies to revive and restore organ functioning, improve the general condition, and carefully treat the patient's underlying sickness.

Medicover Hospital is one of the best critical care hospitals in the city. Our doctors use diagnostic tools and evaluations to deliver best-in-class treatment using evidence-based clinical practice. Medicover Hospitals' coordinated and comprehensive teamwork elevates the department of critical care medicine by providing world-class medical services.

Milestones achieved in the Department

We have successfully treated patients with 80% burns.

Procedures/Treatment Options Available

  • ECMO,
  • Intubation,
  • Arterial line insertion,
  • Tracheostomy,
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation,
  • Thrombolysis,
  • USG-guided procedures


  • Central monitor,
  • ECMO,
  • ABG machine Ventilator,
  • HFNO,
  • Cautery machine,
  • Portable USG machine,
  • Syringe pumps,
  • Defibrillator,
  • Infusion pump,
  • ECG machine,
  • ETCO2 monitor,
  • Temporary pacemaker.