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Best Interventional Radiology Hospital in Aurangabad

Interventional Radiology at Medicover Hospitals Aurangabad uses technology to address medical diseases requiring minimally invasive surgery or image-guided procedures. Our interventional radiologists use cutting-edge imaging (ultrasound, X-rays, Cath lab, CT scans, and MRI) to diagnose and treat complex conditions less invasively and with extreme precision, resulting in a quicker recovery, less discomfort, and fewer complications.

Imaging sciences are now used for a variety of image-guided procedures in addition to diagnostic purposes. For guidance and improved results, interventional radiologists use imaging modalities like X-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound.

IR procedures are safer and more effective alternatives to open operations since they are supported by image guidance and minimally invasive technologies. Corrective outpatient procedures offered by interventional radiology generally don't require general anesthesia. Patients have superior outcomes compared to open surgery in terms of fewer bleeding, infections, and problems. Therefore, interventional radiology provides a quicker recovery with little danger and discomfort.

Our interventional radiologists use advanced tools and technology, including X-ray, CT, and other imaging modalities, to treat the disease at its source. Our cutting-edge facilities enable patients to receive the best care and experiences.

Procedures Options Available

Angioplasty, Thrombolysis, Embolization, and Biopsies, All minimal Invasive diagnostic therapies.




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