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Best ENT Hospital in Aurangabad

The ENT department of Medicover Hospital in Aurangabad is the most sophisticated regarding treatment and medical facilities. We treat a wide range of conditions, including general ear, nose, and throat problems, thyroid abnormalities, hearing impairments, snoring and sleep apnea, balance and vertigo problems, ENT allergies, salivary gland infections, and voice disorders.

Our ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) department comprises a highly trained team of audiologists, therapists, and ENT surgeons. Our ENT team has extensive experience treating problems connected to the ear, nose, and throat spectrum with medical and surgical procedures.

We are the best ENT hospitals Near you, providing 24-hour care, excellent health care, world-class facilities, and highly trained and skilled personnel. We treat ear, nose, and throat issues in adults, children, and newborns in collaboration with various departments such as speech and neurosurgery, pathology, allergies, craniomaxillofacial surgery, immunology, pulmonology, paediatrics, cancer, and neonatology. Medicover Hospital in Aurangabad as the best ENT hospital in Aurangabad, our aim is to give high-quality medical care at an affordable price to all patients.

Pediatric ENT treats tonsillitis, respiratory problems, ear infections, tumours or lesions, adenoids, and congenital defects. We have the best ent specialist in Aurangabad-Maharashtra visit today to book your appointment.

Procedure and Treatment Options

  • Steptoplasty
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • OPD
  • IPD
  • DNS


  • Single room
  • Twin room
  • ICU
  • CVTS ICU (5 Bedded) 24*7 Intensivit on duty
  • 24x7 cardiac ambulance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should you visit an ENT or ENT specialist?

ENT are doctors who specialize in treating mild to severe infections and diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. ENT diseases can be born or appear at any age. Sometimes the disease is mild and can be treated by a doctor. However, in some cases, treating ENT procedures requires proper knowledge and experience. In these cases, visiting an otolaryngologist is the best option.

2. What are the common symptoms of ENT disease?

There are special indications for ENT diseases that require special treatment. ENT symptoms include ear infection, nose infection, throat, ear injury, nose injury, hearing, hearing loss, tonsils, allergies, asthma, sinus infections, runny nose, stuffy nose, throat, irritation, swallowing, and more. much more.

3. What is sinusitis? What is the reason for this?

Sinusitis is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and swelling of the tissue around the nose and ears. Some of the main reasons are the decline in mortality, allergies, PLHIV, climate change, asthma, etc. The symptoms of sinusitis can be similar to the symptoms of a cold, and it can be difficult to distinguish the two. Symptoms of sinusitis include headache, stuffy nose, runny nose, low-grade fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, tiredness, stuffy nose, etc.

4. Where can I find the best ENT medicine in Aurangabad?

For quality ENT treatment in Aurangabad, consider Medicover Hospital. Our experienced ENT specialists use advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities to provide comprehensive treatment for ENT conditions. Schedule an online appointment for expert assessment and treatment.

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