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Best Interventional Radiology Hospital in Vizag

The Interventional Radiology Department of Medicover Hospital in Vizag-Mvp is dedicated to developing and using imaging to guide minimally invasive procedures in diagnosing and treating different illnesses. Interventional Radiology is a medical subspecialty that diagnoses and treats almost every organ system using a minimally invasive image-guided approach. Interventional radiology aims to reduce patient risk and enhance health outcomes.

Interventional Radiology helps in both diagnostic and treatment planning. Specific surgical procedures are also conducted with little invasion. A small pinhole puncture is placed into a vein or artery for treatment and other therapy. The primary goal of interventional radiology is to diagnose and treat patients using minimally invasive procedures while minimizing risk. It also contributes to the patient's general health.

Our interventional radiologists at Medicover Hospitals employ cutting-edge procedures and technology to provide patients with excellent treatment choices. Interventional radiology reduces risk and shortens hospital stays; it minimizes treatment costs, provides immediate relief and comfort, and reduces recovery time.

Medicover Hospitals' Department of Interventional Radiology provides an extensive spectrum of modern interventional radiology treatments. Our department features cutting-edge techniques and equipment, including a 3T MRI, 3D and 4D ultrasound machines, OPG machines, and bone mineral densitometry. All routine and emergency imaging services are available 24*7, including Sundays. Our hospital's interventional radiologists are specialists in many subspecialties.


  • Interventional cath lab and laser machine