Medicover Hospital

Plot No, 5, BRTS Rd,
Chinna Gadhili, Arilova,
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530040



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Best Emergency Medicine Hospital in vizag

Medicover Hospitals have the best emergency medicine doctors in Vizag-MVP who can cater to and handle all medical emergencies. We aim to manage and treat individuals with acute health conditions and those who have suffered severe injuries. If additional analysis and tests are required, patients are admitted to the hospital for further evaluation by medical specialists and doctors.

The Department of Emergency Medicine works 24*7 with specialists and trained nurses making the hospital the best emergency hospital in Vizag. We have skilled specialists with years of experience and competence who deliver the best emergency medical treatments to the patient. The first step is to stabilize the patient and then run the diagnosis. We cater to all needs, from men and women to the children and elderly .

Our Emergency Medicine department is well-equipped with all medical essentials and diagnostic and treatment facilities. The doctors can treat any condition with severe conditions related to neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, renal issues, gastrointestinal problems, orthopedic concerns, pregnancy, gynecology, dermatology, and psychiatry. The conditions like stroke and heart attack can also get treated in the emergency room at the emergency medicine department at Medicover Hospitals in Vizag-MVP. Patients with life-threatening diseases are treated first, though emergency care doctors treat everybody simultaneously. Cases involving heart attacks, strokes, abrupt falls, accidents, and fractures are often handled in emergency medicine rooms at Medicover Hospitals.


  • We have advanced & well equipped Monitors and ventilators.