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Best Pulmonology Hospital in Srikakulam

Pulmonology at Medicover hospital Srikakulam focuses on respiratory system diseases. Our pulmonologists at Medicover Hospitals are highly skilled in pulmonology and committed to working around the clock to diagnose, treat, and manage pulmonary illnesses in patients of all ages with a variety of medical needs.

In addition to interventional pulmonology, multidisciplinary management of rheumatological conditions like interstitial lung disease, ailments affecting the heart and lungs like pulmonary hypertension, and other conditions are also treated. Pulmonologists at Medicover Hospitals are well-versed in the most recent technology and techniques for treating pulmonary problems.

We offer specialized respiratory care, and our pulmonologists are skilled and ready to manage critically ill patients with the most recent diagnostics, therapeutics, and services like USG and X-rays scans. Additionally, we offer patients rehabilitation to enhance lung function and closely monitor patients throughout their hospital stay to spot any postoperative complications. We provide complete end-to-end care for a quicker recovery and better health overall.

Milestones achieved in the Department

Performs all high-risk cases with successful outcomes

Procedures/Treatment Options Available

Bronchoscopy, Balloon dilation, Endobronchial ultrasound biopsy.




24/7 hours availability