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General Surgery Services at Medicover Hospitals, Srikakulam

The General Surgery department of Medicover Hospitals is one of the most excellent general surgery facilities in Srikakulam, which offers a wide range of surgical interventions, from routine operations to uncommon and complex surgeries.

The best surgeons, OT technicians, trauma surgeons, and anesthesiologists work together in the general surgery department to carefully assess the patient's condition and accurately carry out the surgery. Surgery on the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney, colon, and other organs is performed using minimally invasive procedures with the goal of reducing postoperative pain.

We excel at procedures like gallbladder surgery, GERD surgery, endocrine surgery, hernia surgery, hemorrhoids surgery, liver surgery, vascular surgery, laparoscopic surgery, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hysterectomy, and other surgeries. Our general surgeons give each patient individualized pre- and postoperative treatment while making them feel secure and supported.

We are the most recommended General Surgery hospital in Srikakulam for any emergency surgical need. Our surgical units and facilities are fully equipped with the latest technologies to handle every situation efficiently. We offer comprehensive pre-surgical and post-surgical monitoring and inpatient, outpatient, and 24x7 lab services to all of our patients, assuring complete follow-up under one roof.

Milestones achieved in the Department

We are treating high-risk cases on time by doing surgeries with satisfactory outcomes.

Procedures/Treatment Options Available

Open Appendectomy, Lap Appendectomy, Inguinal hernioplasty, Exploratory Laparatomy, Debridement, Umbilical hernia, etc.


Spice Storz laparoscopy system & Harmonic Machine


24/7 hours availability of services


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