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Nephrologists in Kakinada at Medicover Hospitals are a group of hard-working and dedicated individuals who have expertise in the field of nephrology and are highly experienced in performing numerous kidney biopsies and kidney transplants.

Nephrologists treat patients who suffer from acute and chronic kidney failure, poisoning, and other conditions. They perform investigations such as urine examination, imaging and kidney biopsy to diagnose kidney problems. They also help to plan on the best treatment options available leaving the final decision of the most cost-effective choice of treatment to the patient. They provide dialysis therapy, hemodialysis and follow up care for patients on chronic peritoneal dialysis as well as both pre- and post-kidney transplant care.

The nephrologists are capable of handling any diseases or disorders affecting the kidneys and help the patients in leading a healthy life. Nephrologists are creating a better future by treating complex kidney diseases effectively. We are fortunate to be one of the kind hospital in the country that can perform both cadaver and live donor transplants.