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Dr M. Sai Sunil Kishore

MD (Paed), DM (Neonatology)
Consultant Neonatologist & Pediatrician
Experience: 13+ Years
Location: Vizag

About Doctor:

  • English
  • తెలుగు
  • हिन्दी
  • Neonatal Intensive Care
  • High Frequency Ventilation
  • Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Functional Echo Inhaled Nitric Oxide
  • Inhaled Nitric Oxide
  • MBBS- Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh
  • MD Pediatrics- Postgraduate Institute Of Medical Education And Research, Chandigarh
  • DM Neonatology- Postgraduate Institute Of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh
  • 12 international publications on sepsis, ventilation, exchange transfusion
  • 30+ national publications
  • 6 media publications in various media channels
  • Major Amirchand medal for best research in Neonatology
  • Gold medal in Pharmacology, Surgery
  • Saved 23 Weeks, 420 gms birth wait baby, Who is the lowest birth wait baby saved in entire Andhra Pradesh
  • Twins with birth weight of 1000 gms, born to a couple with 15 yrs of Infertlity; successfully treated with lot of efforts in Neonatal ICU.
  • Baby had rare bleeding disorder, presented with intraabdominal bleeding and renal failure; success treated with ventilation and dialysis after strenuous efforts.
  • Baby had a rare metabolic problem called Biotinidase deficiency came to hospital in very critical state was successfully treated
  • Baby had surgical problem called NEC, required abdominal surgery (ileostomy) had small bowel syndrome, successfully treated after strenuous efforts
  • Baby with a birth weight of 700 grams, after strenuous efforts baby discharged at 1.4kg.
  • Born at 25 Wks gestation, birth weight of 610 gms got Neonatology care.
  • Baby born in 8th week and suffered from 1kg weight loss got treated.
  • Baby with a birth weight of 700 grams, born to a couple with long duration of infertility, treated free of cost. At the time of discharge, the baby weighs 1.6kgs.