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Dr Kuntilla Amulya

Dr Kuntilla Amulya

Consultant General Physician
  • Experience: 4+ Years
Dr Murali Krishna Kadali

Dr Murali Krishna Kadali

Consultant Physician
  • Experience: 1+ Years

Understanding Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a persistent illness characterized by a burning feeling in the mouth that is not accompanied by obvious symptoms of inflammation or injury. The location and degree of the symptoms can vary, and they can range from mild to severe. All ages are susceptible to BMS, but women and those over 40 are more likely to develop it.

Expert Burning Mouth Syndrome Specialists

The Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) team at Medicover Hospitals in Srikakulam is dedicated to offering patients with this illness the complete spectrum of care. Our experts are dedicated to assisting patients in finding relief from their symptoms and have a wealth of experience in both diagnosing and treating BMS.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) can be a distressing condition to manage, but Medicover Srikakulam is committed to giving you an accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment to make you feel better. Here is a detailed explanation of how our doctors identify and treat burning mouth syndrome to raise your quality of life.

Accurate Diagnosis

Our skilled doctors in Srikakulam begin with a comprehensive clinical evaluation. They talk about your signs and symptoms, your medical history, and any possible causes of your difficulty. To rule out any additional potential mouth discomfort causes and to achieve an accurate diagnosis, your oral cavity is meticulously examined. To determine any dietary deficiencies or underlying medical issues that might be causing your symptoms, blood testing may be advised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS), and how can Medicover in Srikakulam help me if I suspect I have it?

Burning Mouth Syndrome is a condition characterized by a persistent burning sensation in the mouth. Our specialists at Medicover in Srikakulam are experienced in diagnosing and treating BMS, offering comprehensive care to alleviate your symptoms.

2. Can BMS be caused or exacerbated by stress, and how can I manage stress-related BMS symptoms?

Stress can contribute to BMS symptoms. Our specialists provide guidance on managing stress as part of your treatment plan, helping to alleviate its impact.

3. Is BMS a chronic condition, or can it resolve on its own over time?

BMS can vary in duration, and it may resolve on its own or persist as a chronic condition. Our specialists at Medicover in Srikakulam will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your unique case.

4. Can BMS affect my ability to work or perform daily tasks, and are there accommodations or strategies to help with this?

BMS can impact daily life. Our specialists can provide advice on managing symptoms while working and performing daily tasks effectively.

5. Is it necessary to have ongoing follow-up appointments with Medicover BMS specialists even after symptom improvement or resolution?

Follow-up appointments are often recommended to monitor your progress and ensure that your BMS remains well-managed. Our specialists at Medicover in Srikakulam will guide you on the frequency of these visits based on your specific case.