Let's Get Back to Our Roots by Adopting these 8 Ancient Healthy Habits on World Health Day 2023

Let's Get Back to Our Roots by Adopting these 8 Ancient Healthy Habits on World Health Day 2023

In a globalized world, people, especially the younger generation, are falling prey to stress & poor lifestyle habits due to their hectic work schedule, maintaining a hi-fi lifestyle, insecure relationships, etc. The current way of lifestyle is a wake-up call for serious health problems.

World Health Day is marked on April 7th every year. It is a significant event that focuses on raising awareness about demanding health issues and motivating people to take proactive steps to improve their health and the health of their communities.

The advantages of ancient practices in India are numerous. Lets incorporate them in our daily lifestyle and see the positive changes they bring to our lives.

1. Drinking water from copper utensils:

Drinking water in plastic bottles can be hazardous causing health problems such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and fertility problems. Instead, use Copper utensils to drink water. Copper consists of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. Storing water in a copper vessel or bottle for 6-8 hours releases some of its copper ions through the process known as the Oligodynamic effect.

Embracing the wisdom of our past can lead us to a healthier future- unlocking the secrets to a vibrant and healthy life!
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2. Using earthenware for cooking and eating:

In India, earthen pots have traditionally been the most preferred and widely used utensils for cooking. With the latest technologies, these traditional utensils were slowly replaced by easy-to-maintain cookware. The kitchen appliances we use today are made of aluminum, Teflon and plastic, which contain more harmful toxins.

Using earthenware for cooking and eating has many health benefits and is economical too. Earthenware is made of clay and has porous walls that allow heat and moisture to circulate evenly while cooking. It is said that cooking food in a clay pot enhances the meal's overall flavor and adds phosphorus, calcium, iron, sulfur and magnesium to the food, which is beneficial for the body.

3. Eating at home and avoiding junk food:

Ancient Indian traditions believe: You are what you eat; the food you eat can keep you healthy or be poisonous to the body. Ayurveda had a significant influence on Indian cooking traditions.

Earlier people would prepare meals at home using fresh and natural ingredients. By consuming home-cooked food they were healthier and had a good life expectancy.

However, in recent times, people have become more reliant on junk food for their daily meals, which are often high in calories, saturated fats, and sugars and can lead to various health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

4. Using natural products for personal hygiene:

Our ancestors used natural products to glow their skin. Natural antibacterial and antifungal properties make the products gentler on the skin than chemical-based remedies. Some of the natural remedies for clear skin and healthy hair are:

  • Coconut oil and onion juice to stop hair fall
  • Glycerine, rose water, and olive oil on the lips to prevent dry, chapped lips.
  • Apply mixture of glycerine and olive oil on the heels for cracked heels
  • Vinegar and water to get rid of foul armpit smell
  • Applying curd on scalp to prevent dandruff

5. Sitting on the Floor Cross-Legged to Eat Food:

Cross-legged sitting on the floor is an old habit with many positive health effects. This ensured that people ate with proper posture, which improved digestion, prevented bloating, and reduced the risk of blood clots.

However, now people eat their meals while sitting on chairs. This has resulted in a more sedentary lifestyle, contributing to bad posture, poor circulation, and joint pains.

Sitting on the floor cross-legged to eat food should be a common practice and a more natural way of eating.

6. Sleeping on Time:

Sleeping on time was one of our ancestors' key habits for good health. People used to sleep and wake up early in keeping with the body's natural circadian cycle. This enabled them to receive greater quality sleep, which is necessary for general health and well-being.

Unfortunately, people now often prioritize work or entertainment over sleep, resulting in irregular sleep patterns and poor sleep quality. This can result in various health problems, including cardiovascular disease, less concentration, poor performance and mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Therefore, it is essential to follow the old habit of sleeping on time and avoid sleep deprivation effects.

Embracing the wisdom of our past can lead us to a healthier future- unlocking the secrets to a vibrant and healthy life!
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7. Growing plants at home:

Cultivating plants at home is an ancient practice that offers several health benefits. People used to grow plants at home for medical and nutritional purposes.

Now, we have moved away from this tradition, and many people now live in urban areas with limited room for gardening. However, growing your own fruits and vegetables at home can give you fresh and nutritious food while decreasing your reliance on processed and packaged goods, which are rich in preservatives and other hazardous substances.

8. Active lifestyle:

Physical activity on a regular basis is crucial for good health. During earlier times people were accustomed to a more active way of life like doing household chores, exercising, etc. At that time no electronic devices existed, so children used to play outdoors and had many friends. All these lead to an overall healthy physical and mental health.

As time passed by along with the advent of electronic gadgets many things have changed. In today's generation people are spending more time sitting in front of computers, mobile phones, or televisions. All these have led to sedentary lifestyles resulting in various health issues such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, stress, etc and also being socially isolated from the society.

Therefore, it is essential to revive the old habit of engaging in physical activities, to promote better health and well-being. Even small changes in our daily routine, such as taking a walk or doing some light exercise, can have a significant impact on our health.


By adopting some of these ancient Indian habits, we can improve our overall health and well-being. Advancement and technology are required for the world to move forward, but don’t let it blind you from using the experience and wisdom of your ancestors to transform your life and health.

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