World Food Day 2022

Food brings people together such as family reunions to social gatherings. Everyone has a favorite dish, from pizza to pasta, cookies to cakes, and everything in between! There are many delicious meals and ingredients to try today, and World Food Day honors them.

Let's Commemorate World Food Day!

World Food Day is recognized on October 16th each year and this day promotes awareness about healthy diets and what our bodies need to stay healthy. In many regions of the world, people still don't have access to basic needs, including food and shelter. World Food Day aims to tackle hunger across the world.

A nutritious diet contains a balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are required to keep you healthy and on track with your daily calorie consumption. Aside from a well-balanced diet, the body has specific requirements to function effectively, one of which is appropriate cholesterol.

Importance of World Food Day

It helps raise awareness:

Malnourishment negatively impacts millions of people's health, causing damage to growth and development. That is why it is critical to bring attention to this problem to ensure food security and the availability of nutritious foods for everyone on the planet.

It's a reminder that hunger can be ended:

Currently, our earth generates enough food to feed everyone on the planet. However, 1.3 billion kg of food is lost or wasted each year (approximately 20% of total food production). World Food Day motivates people to get involved, minimize food waste, and help feed millions.

It brings attention to eating mindfully:

Food is an excellent source of pleasure and enjoyment, yet we can sometimes overindulge. We can reduce food waste and the number of individuals who go to bed hungry if we return to the focus of mindful eating. World Food Day is a reminder to avoid overeating and adopt environmentally sustainable decisions.

4 ways to make your food habits healthy and sustainable

Here are some ways that can make your eating habit healthy and sustainable:

Seasonal eating:

It is important to eat healthily. Don't you think red carrots and oranges taste best in the winter? Or maybe summers are pointless without chewing into juicy mangoes? Because of variations in diet quality, there is a significant change in the vitamin and nutritional content of diverse fruits and vegetables during different seasons. One must eat healthy stuff and enjoy the season to get healthy food.

Opt for organic:

You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again now and then. Organic is the only way to go. Most foods on the market include chemicals and pesticides, which when consumed over time can have various negative consequences on our bodies, including cancer. Organic food is recommended for a healthy and long life.

Cook your own food:

Another habit that will help you stay healthy and sustainable is to start making your own meals. Say goodbye to packaged, processed, and fast food, and start cooking again. The best part is that the food you make will be more hygienic, and it will be healthy, keeping you from consuming too much salt and oil and aid to keep you fit.

Stop wastage of food:

Food choices affect both health and the environment. Every year, between 30% and 40% of food is wasted. While the underprivileged population goes hungry, some of us are oblivious to the various options that we are privileged to have. Many people sleep with an empty stomach at night. It is a humble request don't to waste food and be kind!

Healthy eating is the art of living a healthy lifestyle and should be taught to children at a young age. However, before making any dietary changes or placing the adolescent on a diet, consult with the doctor.

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