National Doctor’s Day 2022: Let’s Honour Our Saviors!

Some warriors don’t wear caps; they wear aprons!
We call them doctors.

Long before the sunrise and late into the night, you'll find these apron-wearing armies ready to roll up their sleeves and save your life.

Let’s Honour Our Saviors!

This year, on National Doctor's Day-2022, the theme for the event is “Family Doctors on the Front Line” and is dedicated to all the doctors and healthcare workers who have unconditionally and selflessly helped us and our families in time of need.
Doctors are great warriors who have worked tirelessly to save people in any situation. We salute and applaud all of the doctors and frontline workers for their tremendous hard work and dedication in saving patients from every situation possible.
The contribution of a doctor to human health is beyond comparison, and the rich culture of the medicinal world is still in its glory in this era. So let’s have a look at how doctors play an important role in our lives.

A Doctor's Contribution:

Every year on July 1st, we celebrate doctor's day to honour doctors in India. This date coincides on Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy's birthday and death anniversary. It reminds us of the remarkable contribution made by this great physician, who treated thousands and inspired millions of lives, including the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Let us honour the bravery and strength of our heroes.
Happy Doctors' Day!

Doctor’s struggles and sacrifices during COVID

Doctors and other healthcare professionals in particular were in constant exposure to Covid-19, a highly contagious disease, during the pandemic. These noble warriors fought battles every day in hospitals while being away from their families and loved ones. To prevent the infection, many doctors had even stopped returning homes and were living in solitary accommodations.
While we struggle to put on masks for a short period of time, doctors put on PPE kits (personal protective equipment) for hours. Despite the fact that wearing a PPE kit for more than 5 hours is exhausting, they had to do so to avoid spreading the virus.
Despite their best efforts, medical staff and doctors have been attacked and mistreated by the families of covid-positive or deceased patients. Even after facing the psychological trauma of being mistreated and witnessing so many deaths, they put on their masks and PPE kits daily and were ready to serve us!

A Salute to the Doctors of Medicover Hospitals

On this very special event, Doctor’s Day, we are proud to say that Medicover Hospitals house the most talented doctors and medical professionals in India. These experts are fully competent in handling any type of medical emergency and we take pride in being one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad supported by a team of highly experienced doctors and surgeons.
Our doctors have touched millions of lives with hope, healing and happiness. From OPDs, to in-patient care and emergency department, our doctors have shown compassion and delivered finest level of care to the patients ranging from new borns to the age-olds.

Medical and Surgical Excellence of Our Doctors in the year 2022

Medicover Hospitals has more than 450 doctors working across 21 different specialities to cater to varying patient needs. We wish to make your healthcare experience better in every way we can.

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