12 Home Remedies for Typhoid

12 Home Remedies for Typhoid: Natural Ways to Support Your Recovery

The Salmonella Typhi bacterium is the source of typhoid fever, a potentially fatal disease marked by a high fever, weakness, and digestive problems. While seeking medical treatment is crucial when diagnosed with typhoid, certain home remedies can complement conventional treatments and help alleviate symptoms.

This article explores 12 effective home remedies for typhoid that can ease discomfort and promote a quicker recovery. However, always consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Stay Hydrated:
    The primary concern during typhoid fever is dehydration due to fever-induced sweating and Gastrointestinal symptoms. Drinking plenty of fluids like water, clear broths, and oral rehydration solutions is essential to maintain hydration levels. Sip these fluids frequently throughout the day.
  • Ginger Tea:
    Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help soothe digestive discomfort. Prepare ginger tea by boiling a few slices of fresh ginger in water. Sip this tea slowly to ease nausea and stomach pain.
  • Lemon Water:
    Lemons have a high vitamin C level, which boosts immunity and helps with digestion. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning to aid your digestive system.
  • Basil Leaves:
    Basil leaves have antibacterial properties and can provide relief from fever and gastrointestinal issues. Boil a few basil leaves in water and drink this tea a couple of times a day.
  • Honey and Cinnamon:
    Honey has natural antibacterial properties, while cinnamon can help reduce fever.For a daily immune-boosting boost, combine a spoonful of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, then swallow.
  • Pomegranate Juice:
    Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants and can help improve your overall health during typhoid. To strengthen your immunity, have a glass of fresh pomegranate juice every day.
  • Fenugreek Seeds:
    Fenugreek seeds have cooling properties that can alleviate fever and discomfort. Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and consume the water the next morning.
  • Buttermilk:
    Buttermilk is a probiotic-rich drink that can soothe an upset stomach. Mix a cup of buttermilk with a pinch of black salt and drink it a few times daily to aid digestion.
  • Turmeric Milk:
    Turmeric's ability to reduce inflammation is well known. Before retiring to bed, mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of warm milk to reduce fever and hasten the healing process.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar:
    Apple cider vinegar helps maintain the body's pH balance and can assist in reducing fever. Take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink it many times a day.
  • Mint Leaves:
    Mint leaves are cooling and can help reduce fever and digestive discomfort. Make mint tea by boiling a handful of fresh mint leaves in water and sipping it throughout the day.
  • Rest and Nutritious Diet:
    Getting plenty of rest is one of the most crucial aspects of recovering from typhoid. Allow your body the time it needs to heal. Additionally, focus on a nutritious diet that includes easily digestible foods like rice, boiled vegetables, and lean proteins.


While these home remedies can relieve typhoid symptoms and support your recovery, it's essential to remember that they are not a substitute for medical treatment. Typhoid can have severe complications if not properly managed, so always consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

These natural remedies can be used in addition to the recommended medications and therapies if you are diagnosed with Typhoid Fever to make your recovery process more comfortable.Prioritize rest, hydration, and a balanced diet to give your body the best chance to overcome typhoid fever.

At Medicover Hospital, our expertise in managing typhoid fever goes beyond just treating the infection; it encompasses compassionate patient care, innovative treatment strategies, and a commitment to promoting overall health and well-being. We understand the challenges posed by typhoid fever and are dedicated to providing exceptional care to every patient who entrusts us with their health. Your well-being is our priority, and we strive to make your journey to recovery as smooth and successful as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is typhoid fever?

The bacteria Salmonella typhi is the source of typhoid fever. It leads to symptoms like high fever, headache, abdominal pain, and can be serious if not treated properly.

2. Can typhoid be treated at home?

Mild cases of typhoid can be managed at home, but it's important to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and guidance.

3. What are the common symptoms of typhoid?

Common symptoms include fever, fatigue, headache, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and constipation or diarrhea.

4. Are home remedies effective for typhoid recovery?

Home remedies can help manage symptoms and support recovery, but they are not a substitute for medical treatment, including antibiotics.

5. What are some natural ways to support typhoid recovery?

Some natural remedies include consuming clear fluids, electrolyte-rich drinks, ginger tea, honey, and probiotics to maintain gut health.

6. Can I use herbal teas during typhoid?

Yes, herbal teas like ginger tea or chamomile tea can be soothing and help with hydration.

7. Is a specific diet recommended during typhoid recovery?

A bland diet including well-cooked, easy-to-digest foods is usually recommended. Avoiding spicy, fatty, and raw foods is advised.

8. How can I stay hydrated during typhoid recovery?

Drinking clear fluids like water, broth, oral rehydration solutions, and coconut water is crucial to prevent dehydration.

9. Are there any home remedies to reduce fever during typhoid?

Sponge baths with lukewarm water and placing a damp cloth on the forehead can help lower fever. However, medical treatment is essential for fever management.

10. Can probiotics help with typhoid recovery?

Probiotics containing beneficial bacteria can support gut health and aid in digestion during recovery.