10 Benefits Of Normal Delivery

10 Benefits Of Normal Delivery

Normal delivery, also known as vaginal delivery has various benefits for every pregnant woman; some include the baby receiving beneficial bacteria, lesser breathing problems, early breastfeeding, an easy method for the 2nd pregnancy, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Vaginal delivery involves birth of a baby through the vaginal route, without any medical intervention or a c-section. It is the ancestral way of delivery that is healthy for both mother and the baby.

Various benefits of a normal delivery

The various benefits of natural childbirth are as follows:

Baby receives the beneficial bacteria

Babies born through normal delivery will benefit from ingesting bacteria, which is beneficial. That bacteria boosts up the baby's immune system and helps the baby from infections and diseases in the early days of birth. In addition, these bacteria boost the baby's immune system as the bacteria settle down in the intestinal region and help the baby's gut health.

Reduced breathing problems

As the baby comes out of the birth canal, the amniotic fluid is naturally squeezed out of the baby's lungs. This process reduces the risk of respiratory problems in the baby.

Early breastfeeding

Giving the mother’s milk to the baby as soon as possible after delivery is very beneficial to both the baby and the mother. The mother’s milk contains thick and yellowish fluid colostrum, rich in protein and other beneficial compounds like immunoglobulin-A and low in sugars.

Colostrum, obtained from the mother’s milk, helps the baby develop an immature digestive tract. It helps to build a baby's immune system and also provides essential nutrients.

No risk for the next child

There will be more chances of normal delivery for the next pregnancy, which is better as it reduces complications like stillbirth and miscarriage.

Reduces the risk of infertility problems

According to the survey, there are very minimal chances of fertility problems after normal delivery compared to c-sections.

Less surgical complications

As it is a normal delivery, there will not be any surgical procedures as well as post-surgical complications like excessive blood loss, secondary infections,obesity, and a longer recovery time.

Cost-effective procedure

Since the technical aspects are more related to caesarean delivery and that the hospital stay is long, c-section is more expensive than vaginal delivery.

Quicker recovery

One of the significant benefits of the natural birth process is the quicker recovery time and shorter hospital stays for new mothers. After a vaginal birth, post-pregnancy care is also for a shorter duration.

Fast Labour

Fast labour also results in easy delivery since the mother is involved in the labour process. The uterus muscles and the birth canal work together to help the baby move down and out. The C-section is a surgical procedure that consumes much time and pressure.

Develops feelings of connection

Without medication, women are often alert and feel connected with their babies in new and different ways during labour. Many women say they feel empowered by their ability to have a natural birth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is painless normal delivery?

Painless normal delivery with labour analgesia [epidural] is a technique where a very specific drug concentration is used in the back [to reduce the pain]. Although it reduces the pain, it maintains the ability to push your baby out of the birth canal.

2. What are some possible side effects of a painless birth?

  • You may be unable to move around on foot and confined to your bed.
  • It may cause a numbing effect on the legs.
  • You can have trouble urinating and require a catheter.
  • You may experience nausea and dizziness.

3. Is painless delivery safe?

Yes, it is safe for mother and baby, but it may have side effects like shivering, dizziness, and numbness. There is no scientific evidence of any harm to the baby.

4. If I choose painless delivery, are the chances of ending up in a c-section higher?

Painless labour might increase the chance of instrumentation like forceps or vacuum to pull out the baby, but it does not increase the chances of c-sections.

5. Does painless delivery by an epidural result in permanent back ache?

Back pain is common in women after the delivery of the child, only due to false feeding positions, lack of calcium supplements, or lack of exercise and not due to epidural injection.

6. Is painless labour possible without an epidural?

Yes, it is possible to relieve pain by considering nitrous oxide gas, which is colourless and can be taken by the patient herself; it does not reduce pain but relieves anxiety, which helps you tolerate the pain.