• The labor room, often known as the Labor Delivery Room (LDR), is the hospital's most versatile place. The LDR is created to accommodate all types of deliveries. LDR can be used for women who prefer not to be medicated or who want an epidural. These rooms may also manage minor crises and treatments such as forceps and vacuum births.
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  • Overview:

  • The LDR is designed for almost all deliveries. It can manage births for women who choose to go unmedicated or for those who want an epidural. The great majority of these rooms are also capable of dealing with minor crises and procedures such as forceps and vacuum births. You would only need to leave this room if you needed to go to the operating room for a cesarean or if there is a significant risk of a cesarean (such as in the cases of twin births or a vaginal breech birth attempt).
  • There is also equipment in the area to manage newborn care once the baby is born. While immediate care for the infant is best managed through skin-to-skin contact with the mother, if an emergency or the need for specialist equipment arises, the usual LDR room is equipped with a warmer for the baby as well as life-saving resuscitation equipment. The mother is kept in this room for the first hour or two after giving birth before being transferred to a postpartum room.
  • LDRP Rooms

  • You will give birth at the LDRP and your baby will stay with you until you are ready to return home. Many of these facilities employ the nursery solely for sick newborns, rather than for healthy newborn care.
  • The LDRP is only equipped to handle vaginal deliveries. You can get an epidural or other pain medicine in this room if they are accessible at your place of birth. Furthermore, in the vast majority of LDRP rooms, forceps or vacuum delivery may be accessible if you are in a hospital and require it. If you need a c-section in the hospital, you will most likely not be able to recover in the LDR or LDRP. This may be determined by the available space and the number of people on shift.