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What is the Connection Between Heart and Kidney Diseases

    Our body can be considered as a network of networks, with one organ’s activity influencing other organs, partially or completely. The heart and kidney influence each other, with one’s disease affecting the work of the other.Consult Cardiologist to get Second Opinion

    What are the functions of heart and kidneys?

    The human heart pumps blood around the body via circulatory system. The heart supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Kidneys filter the blood, regulate water and salt levels to control blood pressure, and expel waste in the form of urine.

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    How do heart and kidneys work together?

    The working of the heart has its influence on kidneys. During a heart disease, when the heart cannot pump blood efficiently, there is congestion of blood in the vein connecting kidney and the heart. Also, there is reduced supply of oxygenated blood from heart to kidneys. If the kidneys are diseased the flow of filtered blood from kidneys to heart is slowed down, leading to heart complications. So, the slowing down or failure of one organ (heart or kidneys) has its disastrous impact on the other.

    What is the connection between heart disease and kidney disease?

    As the heart and kidneys work together, disease of one may affect the working of the other. So, one with kidney disease may develop heart disease also. For example, in patients with diabetes, when the working of kidneys is affected there is also scope for developing high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

    How can I keep my heart and kidneys healthy?

    By availing regular health checkups, the functioning of the heart and kidneys can be monitored. And by choosing the right lifestyle and diet you can keep your heart and kidneys healthy. The right lifestyle includes regular physical activity, eating less fat and sugar, quitting smoking and drinking and reduce stress. So, a healthy heart means healthy kidneys and vice versa.

    How does Medicover Hospitals’ Master Health Checkup help in safeguarding the health of your heart and kidneys?

    Medicover Hospitals’ Master Health Checkup can be availed by all adults who are 30 and above. Majorly, the focus of our Master Health Checkup is to check and verify the possibility or existence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Master Health Checkup’s Complete Blood Picture (CBP), Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), and Blood Grouping & Rh Typing helps to know the condition of blood, and verifies the working of your kidneys, liver and heart. By availing our Master Health Checkup it will be possible to identify your health problem before it starts, and take the corrective measures.

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