Weight Loss Tips

weight loss tips

While the world is fretting about weight loss by paying off their bills at various slimming products, we bring to you some healthy and simple weight loss tips that will help you lose weight naturally.

Top 10 Powerful Weight Loss Tips:

Drink plenty of water:

Water is a good natural hunger suppressant and can be taken in good quantities, if you think your water consumption is less. 

It also contributes to your weight loss journey,

Minimum 3 litres of water is suggested to drink on an average every day. It keeps you hydrated and ends your hunger tantrums which happens to be beneficial for your weight loss. 

Walk at least 30 minutes a day:

A regular walk in the morning and evening helps you to get rid of those extra calories from your body and gives you a perfect shape that  you have been looking for.

Always choose to walk, whenever you get a chance. Walking is a great form of  exercise which improves the functioning of your heart and promotes healthy weight loss.

You could make the smallest of changes in your daily life like parking your car a little farther from the mall than usual while shopping, walk your dog twice a day instead of once and taking a walk during your breaks at work.

These changes can make a huge difference in your weight loss journey. 

So, don’t sit behind. Walk, walk and walk away, while you enjoy nature to the fullest.

Exercise regularly:

If you like the idea of working out, then it’s time for you to plan an exercise routine for the day. Regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy.

Exercise is a powerful tool to boost weight loss and get your body moving. Instead of 30 minutes a day, stretch yourself with a 15 minutes warm up session. Make it a habit to exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes a day, this will help you to lose weight quickly.

When diet is combined with good exercise like walking, swimming or aerobics, it contributes in burning calories. Exercise should be in such a way that when it is done, it should be enjoyable. Hence, always choose the kind of activity which interests you. Exercise also needs to be tracked so that you can measure the effects of exercise on weight loss.

 You can read “Exercise to control your cholesterol” for detailed information related to exercises.

Reducing calorie intake:

One way to loose your weight while maintaining a healthy weight loss plan is to keep a check on your calorie intake. Monitor how many calories you are eating on a daily bases and reduce them accordingly based on your ideal calorie requirement per day.

You might try the zigzag method by decreasing the calorie intake one day, and then increase it again the next day which leads to fluctuations in your weight. Make minor adjustments in your calorie intake plan and monitor your weight with each and every small change made.

Prefer whole foods and green leafy vegetables that will help you to lose weight in a healthy way without having to starve yourself.

reduce calorie intake weight loss tip

Share your meal:

The perfect way to avoid those extra calories is simply by sharing it with others. 

What more?

You can share the bill as well without worrying about gaining that extra few pounds 😉

Make dancing a hobby:

Research proves that those who dance regularly tend to have better-toned bodies than their peers. This not only helps you in losing weight but also reduces stress and increases flexibility and physical strength. Next time, when the music turns on, just whirl and spin away to glory.

Get ample amount of sleep:

Getting enough sleep is one of the top 5 ways to live a healthy life. Sleeping 8+ hours in a day is suggested to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Try this simple exercise of sleeping on time and getting enough sleep this surely  will turn out to be one of the best weight loss tip for you.

Sleeping is best weight loss tip
weight loss tips

Eat smaller, more frequent meals:

Instead of eating three large meals a day, try breaking your meals by eating smaller and more frequent meals. Reduce portion sizes of your regular meals according to your daily calorie requirement. Add small portions of snacks in between each meal as your mid day meals. This maintains your sugar levels and keeps your body  satiated. It also contributes in boosting your metabolism.

Keep in mind that faster weight loss is always unhealthy. In such situations it is mostly the water content or muscle mass which you lose and the fat content still remains. Hence always choose a healthy and stable manner of weight which you can maintain in the long run.

Fix a meal time:

This will help you to keep away from those cravings of your favourite food. Also, try to have majority of home cooked meals and avoid junk and processed foods as they  contain unwanted calories. 

Maintain patience:

The key to weight loss is patience.

Be patient enough to achieve your ideal weight by working hard towards long term fitness goals rather than surrendering to temporary weight loss.