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Water Aerobics – A New Fitness Mantra

water aerobics benefits
    Do you skip the exercise every day?
    Do you feel bored when you think of exercise?
    Then try water aerobics in this summer vacation to get fit. Water aerobics is the mos t fun way to accomplish your workout. Want to know how does water aerobics benefit you? Then get some brief information about this fun workout here.

    Water Aerobics:

    Water aerobics is the performance of aerobics in fairly shallow water probably in a swimming pool. It is done mostly vertically and without swimming in waist deep or deeper water. Most water aerobics is in a group fitness class with a trained professional teaching for about an hour.

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    Water aerobics vs land-based aerobics:

    While similar to land aerobics, water aerobics is quite different in the components such as gravity and heart rate. To get a clear idea, go through the Gravity and Heart Rate.

    Though the set of exercises performed in water aerobics are similar to the land aerobics. But the biggest difference between them is the effect of gravity on the body. When people perform land aerobic movements such as knee lifts, marching, jumping jacks and side steps, they feel pressure in their back, hips, knees and ankles. If these exercises are done while standing in waist deep water or neck-level, people feel gravity approximately 10 percent of the body’s weight.

    Heart Rate:

    Usually heart and breathing rates rise when we exercise. Water aerobics require slightly slower heart rates and does not increase as much as in the land aerobics. There are three main reasons for slower heart rates. The first is the reduced gravity that makes easier return of blood to the heart from the extremities. The second is the cool water that reduces the heart’s responsibility to cool down the body. And the final reason is the water pressure on the body, which assists the flow of blood through the veins and arteries. Though the rate of heart response to the exercises is different, both land and water aerobics improve cardiovascular function.

    Benefits of Water Aerobics:

    Water aerobics is a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the amazing benefits of water. People, who find a gym workout boring, can switch to water aerobics to make their workout in a fun way. It only takes a few sessions to see a big difference in an overall fitness.

    Though the sessions of water aerobics typically involve all the exercises that one would expect in a land-based aerobics, there are added bonuses when we exercise in water. The top benefits of water aerobics are as follows:

    • Water supports the body while exercising and reduces stress on the joints and muscles.
    • Water aerobics activate muscles and strengthens them.
    • Water pressure on the body helps to lessen the strain on the heart.
    • Reduced impact of gravity increases the range of movements during a workout.
    • Prevents overheating during a workout which helps to exercise longer.
    • Significantly increases the flexibility.


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